Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tied In Blood

Tied in Blood is an unsettling tale of evil and manipulation, of courage and redemption.

Returning home, a father is horrified to find his wife and children dead: killed, he claims, by an evil spirit that haunts their home.

Insisting that a ghostly presence killed them he asks a gifted spiritualist, Robert Brandon, to find the paranormal killer but as the dead return to tell of ghosts, demons, seduction and murder, Robert discovers a horror more real than any ghost story.

He communicates with the deceased to piece together the family's darkest secret, untangling lies and confusion, he becomes a target for the very darkness that tore the family apart.

"A Chilling Story that will CURL YOUR TOES" Haunted Magazine

As a horror fan, "Tied In Blood" was a creepy surprise, as I really enjoyed the film.

I do agree with many who saw the movie, it did feel a bit like a mystery, but with haunting ghosts who freaked me out during the show, you can't go wrong.

It had me jumping a few times during the movie, which says a lot.

The story was well written and the acting was really good, the director done a fantastic job.

I would recommend picking up "Tied In Blood" if you are a real horror fan, add it to your collection today.

Check out Tied in Blood at - http://www.chemicalburn.org/horror_and_gore.html
IMDB - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1027755/

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