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Large Egg Shaped UFO Observed In The Sky Over Oshawa/Whitby Ontario (Written Report/Audio Interview)

From Brian Vike’s UFO Files.

The Vike Report Radio Show.

Date: May 2005
Time: 10:45 p.m.

Number of witnesses: Two
Number of objects:
One Shape of objects: Extremely large egg type shape.

Full Description of event/sighting: In early May 2005, a friend and myself drove to the polish hall, behind the Oshawa airport for a cigarette. At the polish hall the main building, and to the east a 5 row parking lot. There is a regular sized soccer field to the north of that, then another field of equal size, north of that as well, then the trees at the beginning of the forest.

This is off Stevenson Road North, off of Taunton Road. Around 10:45, to the northeast above the trees I glanced up and saw a glowing orange object in the distance, but I blew it off as a plane at first. It seemed to be moving at an extremely slow rate to the southwest, so then I was skeptical of it being a plane.

The only planes around are the small DC planes from the airport, but they are supposed to have a curfew of 11:00 p.m., and I called the airport myself, and they told me they had no plane on that trajectory. It began to move southwest a little faster and also coming a bit closer. Now clearly it was an oval shaped object that was bright fire orange.

I turned off my car, and the music, and we stepped outside. There was no sound at all. We have a police copter, but it already flew by about 30 minutes prior, and it definitely does not glow bright orange. As it came a bit closer, now almost right over Brooklin, which is just north of Whitby, Ontario the next city over. The orange appeared to become two separate objects. As it slowly came west, now the closest point to us, clearly the two orange objects seemed to be the back of the craft, like two giant afterburners on a jet.

You could see the shadow of the body in the night sky, but it was very black and dark and hard to see detail. It was also a clear night mind you. It was like a giant humungous egg, and now there were these flashing lights on it. I can distinctly remember seeing blue, red, off white, green and orange lights on the top, the front, the bottom and along the sides. Then it left my viewpoint.

Today is the first day I have reported this event. I also remember the very next day after it happened at my old job, I overheard a woman talking about the same exact thing. My biggest regret in life, is that I didn't start the car, and go after it. I wish I had done that. Thank you very much. I have a picture I drew in MS Paint that will give a better perspective. I will email it to your site.

Additional Information:

My name is (name removed) from Oshawa, Ontario Canada, and I just submitted a UFO sighting report. Here included is the picture I drew in MS paint depicting what was going on. It's bad I know, but I'm not an artist or anything. I'll explain the picture:

So basically like in my report, the building on the left is the polish hall, there's a driveway coming around the front of the building to the parking lot. In reality there are about 5 rows in the lot, not two in the picture, but I didn't have a scale or enough room to go by. also behind the soccer field which I would say is a regular sized field, there is also another plain field of grass, about the same size leading towards the trees that is not in the picture. So we are parked facing north directly where this object was.

1) This is when it first appeared in view. It was very distant but seemed to be a glowing orange oval. Moving very, very slow almost, stopped in mid air, as it crept to the southwest towards Whitby.

2) It kept coming closer and closer, still very slow, now it appeared to be an oval, the colour did not change. But now, my friend and I turned off my car and the music, stood outside, and it was dead silent. You could hear the police copter in the distance but it wasn't in the area and now it was definitely clear this was not right.

3) The shadow of the body somewhat appeared, but it was very dark and looked black so it was difficult to get any detail. The orange seemed to separate into two pieces as if it were the back of the craft pushing it somehow.

4) This is what it looked like when it was the closest to us, probably right over Brooklin, north of Whitby. Clearly it was a giant somewhat egg shape, the two orange lights were massive. Seeming like a 3 story tall engine or something like that. There were different coloured lights on the top, the front, the bottom and some along the sides. Then it went behind the trees, out of our viewpoint.

My biggest regret in life, is not following it. I'm 21 and have been interested in UFO's all my life, and for this to happen was an event like no other in my life. Amazing.

Thank you for having this site. Without it who knows what would be going on in people's minds.

In this interview Brian Vike talked with a fellow who told me of a very interesting sighting over Oshawa/Whitby Ontario. He reports watching an Egg shaped UFO. The size of this clip is 27.6 mbs and it is 20 minutes in length. The interview is in a MP3 format.

One other thing, look for other interviews I have done over some awesome sightings of UFOs.

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  1. Hi I came across your blog when I looked up 'Strange lights over Cancun'. I'm not sure if you've ever come up with a theory but back in 2008 I had a similar experience when I went out for a smoke on the balcony. I watched 2 dots of light moving across the sky in a manner which would seem simply impossible to be a man made aircraft or birds. Pretty similar to how you described it as well. My brother was with me and witnessed it as well, the next day he asked a few locals what it could've been and they said it was birds. The light being reflected from there stomachs apparently, but the way these lights moved it seemed completely impossible. If your still interested in this topic I'd be more than glad to discuss more with you about it.