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Report Two - Remarkable UFO Wave Continues Over British Columbia Canada (UFO Investigator Brian Vike)

Houston And Telkwa British Columbia.

Date: July 29, 2002
Time: Approximately: 10:30 p.m. - 10:45 p.m.

In the following report there is mention of two names out of the 9 witnesses (Only one of these names - Mr. Stewart goes with the July 29, 2002 sighting, Mrs. Stewart has a separate report).

Mr. Gordon Stewart is his real name, and the only reason I am placing his name to my report is because the Interior Newspaper received permission from the witness to print the information, otherwise I would have left the name out from my report.

Although I had permission to use some of the other witnesses names, I choose not to place their personal information in my report, a policy I sticks to.

Location information - Gordon's farm: (Telkwa, British Columbia Canada)

The witness owns 160 acres of farming land, treed with Spruce, Aspen and Pine in areas, with a good number of acres in hay fields. This supports his 57 head of cattle.

The Stewarts's home sits at 3,000 feet in elevation and over looks the Bulkley Valley and Telkwa mountain range in the distance. (Photos I took from Gordon's farm will be added to my report and will be seen on my website at a later date.

Gordon's farm is approximately 6 kilometers off Highway #16. The next largest town is Smithers, British Columbia which is approximately 15 miles west from Telkwa, British Columbia and has an airport for the surrounding areas.

I received a telephone call today (July 30, 2002) from a reporter (Nicole Fitzgerald) at the Smithers Interior Newspaper, Smithers, British Columbia asking if I had received any sighting reports from any of the residents from the Telkwa, British Columbia area.

I told Nicole nothing had come in so far. She went on to give me a brief description of what one witness (Gordon Stewart - a farmer and resident of the Telkwa area) had told her he seen at 10:45 p.m. on July 29, 2002.

I asked her if it would be ok to get his contact information, as I wanted to look into the matter and investigate the report. I received Gordon's contact information.

I telephoned Gordon and set up an interview with him at 8:00 a.m. on August 1, 2002 at his home in Telkwa, British Columbia. When I arrived at the gentleman's farm, the first thing I noticed was the view, from their beautiful home and picture window they had an uninstructed view of the valley below, and across the valley the Telkwa Mountain range stood still snow capped.

I knocked on the witnesses door and a tall well built man greeted me and invited in. We discussed farming as we made out way through his home to the living room and kitchen area. Before sitting down for a coffee and discussing what he saw, Gordon took me into the living room and he sat down in his chair, pointed out the window moving his arm which indicated the location, and flight path of the object. Gordon mentioned that he was going to catch a late movie before retiring to bed. He said I never expected to have such an exciting night.

At this point Gordon's wife joined us both, and we all sat down at the kitchen table and he gave me a description of what he saw on July, 29, 2002.

It was exactly 10:45 p.m. on July, 29, 2002 when I was sitting watching a late movie when I saw a huge, round white/yellowish object in color, traveling at approximately 600 miles per hour fly at low attitude (approximately 300 meters - altitude) through the Bulkley Valley below.

From my distance, he said, the object was approximately the size of a pickup truck, he went on to say the actual size, in his estimation if he had of been closer to it, it would have been closer to the size of a school bus.

The object traveled according to the witness, west to east. There was "no" sound at all, no reaction from his two dogs which were outside at the time the object passed by. I asked if there was a tail trailing it, he said no. It was completely round and very bright.

As I mentioned above, the Stewarts's farm sits approximately at a elevation of 3,000 feet, and the Telkwa Mountain Range sits at approximately 3,500 feet. The object was traveling below the top of the Telkwa range, and below the elevation the Stewart's farm sits.

He also mentioned the object would have passed directly over top of Round Lake which can been seen 2 to 3 miles in the distance from the farm.

Gordon did step out onto his patio to look around, but the object had already departed from his sight.

He came back in and woke his wife (Joanna) and told her what he just witnessed. She for some reason wasn't really surprised. (I will explain below - very interesting!).

Gordon made a call to the Smithers, British Columbia Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) detachment to make a report of what he just witnessed, also wondering if anyone else had reported anything close to what he just saw.

A RCMP Constable told him they had not heard from anyone else. A Constable took the report by way of telephone.

The next day Mr. Stewart telephoned the Smithers Interior Newspaper and talked with reporter Nicole Fitzgerald who requested a meeting with Gordon and took the interview. This is where Brian Vike came into the picture, as Nicole had contacted me.

As I mentioned in the report from Gordon, his wife Joanna was not all that surprised. After Gordon explained what it was he just had seen, thinking his wife may not believe him, she spoke up and said from what you just told me, I seen a similar light two months prior to this sighting. She did not want to tell her husband because she thought he wouldn't believe her.

I asked Mrs. Stewart what she had witnessed, she went on to tell me she was laying in bed a wake with the drapes closed over when a "really bright white light" lit up the whole room.

Joanna said it frightened her, but still got up slowly and approached the window carefully. She pulled over the side of the drapes and looked out to see a large, very bright light. As the object moved very slowly across their farm, it shone a beam of white light towards the ground behind their home in a large field.

She started to lose sight of the object, so she moved from the bedroom to the living room and watched the object fly slowly across their field, across Boundary Road and onto their neighbors farm where she finally lost sight of it. She said the object moved completely in silence and went on to describe the beam of light as if someone held a flashlight upside down pointing downwards. Joanna said it was as if the sun was out, but within a circle on the ground.

Brian Vike Investigators Note: I received a report this year (2002) from a witness south of Burns Lake, British Columbia where there is a small farming community called Grassy Plains which is across Francois Lake.

This witness went on to tell me of a similar object which did exactly the same thing Joanna saw, or described. This may or may not have anything to do with one another, but both reports would be in the right time frame.

I sincerely thanked Mr. and Mrs. Stewart for sharing the story with me, and taking the time to allow me in their home to discuss what it was they saw.


Brian Vike’s Note: Below is a report from yet other witnesses who experienced the same object, same night Gordon observed what he saw. Also it came to my attention that the military had been searching the area as well. Also why so many aircraft were flying over the area, you have to understand these communities and small and we almost never see much for air traffic after dark.

So why all the aircraft traffic ? - Why was the military in the area ?

The sighting report Brian Vike received was taken from witnesses at Quick, British Columbia

By Brian Vike
The Vike Factor. or

Quick, British Columbia.

Date: July 29, 2002
Time: Approximately 10:50 p.m.

Location Information:  Quick, British Columbia is a very small farming community which sits between Houston and Smithers British Columbia. It is nestled in the Bulkley Valley with mountain ranges running all around.

Today, August 10, 2002 I left my home to interview the next set of witnesses. The drive was going to take some 40 minutes, so I stopped at the service station and gassed up and left Houston, British Columbia at 2:00 p.m. heading west for Quick.

I finally arrived and turned off Highway #16 onto the Quick East Road and drove along until I came to the witnesses home. I was greeted by both the wife and husband, and met their son a bit later. We walked along a beautiful stone path which led to a large patio where we sat to discuss what it was they saw.

The two witnesses who had the sighting were Mrs. (wife) and her son (deleted) The Mom is a retired school teacher and her son works as a Civil Engineer. Two very creditable witness, also very pleasant people.

What I am going to do here is to name Mrs. or the wife witness number #1 and her son witness number #2. It will help me so I do not goof myself up.

Witness #1 went inside her home and came out with a journal she has been keeping for years. She writes down events which are important to her and this one event that took place on July 29, 2002 was one she will never forget.

Their farm sits at an elevation of 530 meters and has a wide open view of the Telkwa Mountain Range and Chicken Mountain which sits slightly lower and in front of the range. The weather conditions were perfect as the sky was clear.

The sun had already set in the west and Mom (witness) was going to meet her son who was over near their greenhouse.

She walked up the driveway and turned onto a small dirt path holding her flash light watching the ground to see where she was walking. This lead to a wide opening in the field where the greenhouse was situated. Just as she reached this opening, she heard her son give out a loud yell.

She immediately looked up and went to shine her light towards her son when she saw, a huge, bright, glowing white/yellowish, almost oval in shape object flying across the sky at a very low level. She said to me, "I couldn't move, I was in shock".

I asked her about the shape of this object, as everyone else who reported to me said it was round. She said in her opinion the object was not quite round, but just off, meaning it was "slightly" oval (even walnut in shape). Or another thing she said, it would be like if you took a round circle and started to stretch it out.

The color has remained the same from all witnesses who reported the object. I asked witness #1 for an approximate size for this bright light. Mom (witness) struggled with this as she did not want to give any wrong information. Her final conclusion as to the size would be, at arms length it was the size of her finger nail, but not across, it would have been length ways.

I asked where exactly it was seen. I wanted to know if it was below the horizon of the Telkwa Range. I was trying to get an idea for distance from the witnesses. Again she was not sure. You have to remember by the time the sighting took place it was already dark, and it is hard to see landmarks which would help determine exactly where the object would have been in relation to them and the distant mountains.

I looked around, and since I knew the path the object took, I thought I would try this. In the direction they lost sight of this object, there are three sets of trees. One group of large trees sat behind their greenhouse which sat on a ledge.

Behind this group of trees there is a drop off, across from here it rises up again in elevation with another grouping of trees which rose above the set behind the greenhouse. Another grouping of timber sat higher up again. So I asked when she lost sighting of "it", what grouping of trees did the object fall behind? She said the last set for sure.

Now I asked, approximately how high above the last grouping of trees was the object. Mom (witness) said it was "just" above the timber, but as they were losing sight of it, the object would have been just a "hair' below the tops of the trees.

Now this gave me something to work with. The last stand of timber sits rather high up at a good distance from where they were standing, approximately 1/2 mile away (maybe more), "but", this stand of timber is below the horizon of Chicken Mountain. So this object shot down the valley at approximately 1 1/2 miles away from them. It was also heading in a southwesterly direction at a quick pace, but slow enough as where the object took 5 to 6 seconds to cross their line of sight.

Investigator Note: She did not see it right away, her son noticed it first and gave out a yell. She looked up and spotted it right away because of the intense brightness and size. My point is, 5 to 6 seconds is a fair bit of time when they had a short space to see the object due to trees blocking their view.

Being so close to it, I asked what kind of sound did it make, they both said, none at all. "There was no noise coming from it". It also was on a slight angle they told me, but very slight. (This makes me wonder if it did hit the ground, as it was certainly very low at this point, if so where?

Also this gives a lot of weight to folks in the area seeing the military vehicles and a lot of air traffic overhead).

Witness #1 said she waited around for a little while with her son watching the sky just in case something else went by, but nothing did, so she went into the house and started calling around to authorities. She called the Smithers Airport who were no help to her, they knew nothing.

She called the Vancouver International Airport, they knew nothing. She even call back east to Ottawa and talked with someone in an environment position, but I am sure they wouldn't know anything anyway. So in the morning witness #1 called the Smithers Interior newspaper to inform them of what she saw.

Witness #2 - Son. This is a brief description in which he gave to me. I am just going to summarize his statement as a lot of the same information is above in this report. It was very large, bright and lasted far longer than any meteor shower. Faster than a man-made object, but slower than a meteorite.

There was "no" sound! It was below the horizon and moved away from until we lost sight of it behind the trees. A slight trajectory towards earth.

I spent a little over two hours with this friendly family and enjoyed this visit very much. What I found really nice about talking with them, we talked about the large fossil find, as they had a bunch of wonderful samples spread across a table outside.

Of course I am interested in this as well. I can say this, our area holds a lot of treasures, and this one is a major find as the fossils cover a very large area, you can bend down and walk slowly along and fill a bucket.

Everything is in perfect form. It was like I was standing at the beach and grabbing perfect calms. There are so many different types of marine life it isn't funny, so I wonder what other specimens the land holds. There is a good write up on this in one of the rock hound magazines.

One more report to come, it is a shorter version as it was a telephone interview. Then a final wrap up on the whole case as it sits for now. I know there is more to do on this, so I will be still making calls, and hoping others come forward if they did indeed see this object.


Houston, British Columbia, Canada - Industrial Park Over Bulkley River.

Friday, February 3, 2002,
Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Houston, British Columbia, Canada - Industrial Park Over Bulkley River

Viewing Time: Approximately: 30 seconds.
Weather Condition: Overcast - Light Snow Flurries

On Sunday, February 3, 2002 another sighting was reported to me which took place in my home town of Houston, British Columbia. There were two witnesses (husband and wife).

While this couple were at their residence which is above their business, the wife heard a loud humming noise coming from outside. She got up to investigate, looking out a couple of windows before she noticed a very bright white object hovering above the Bulkley River just north a few hundred yards from their place of residence.

She called to her husband to come quick and see it. They both witnessed this large bright white object shooting beams of light down towards the river hovering at tree top level. This sighting lasted approximately 30 seconds from the time it was discovered before it shot up the side of the mountain and disappeared.

I was told the speed of this object was incredible to say the least. This couple told me they were going to call the Houston, British Columbia RCMP detachment thinking that the object had crashed into the side of the mountain, but did not as the object continued it's course up the mountain and out of sight before they knew what was going on.

Brian Vike’s Investigators Note: I have visited the area where this craft was hovering, but have not found any trace evidence of any kind. Mind you we had about 4 inches of snow late the night of this sighting. I have also taken photos of this area for my files.

This case is ongoing.

Houston British Columbia, Canada.

July 2001 - A fellow walks into the Houston Food Mart in Houston, British Columbia telling of an object hovering approximately 500 feet above a transmitting tower on Mount Harry Davis here in Houston, British Columbia.

This object was emitting sparks off the bottom side shooting down towards the transmitting tower. This sighting lasted when noted approximately 25 seconds before completely disappearing before the witnesses eyes.

This witness was a hard fellow to track down, but I did finally catch up to him.

Houston, British Columbia, Canada, January 1999 - Snowmobilers on the Telkwa Mountain Range watched a silver/black disc shaped object hover in the distance. There was more than one witness to this sighting.

Many people spend the winter months snowmobiling in the area due to the amount of snow we receive each year. One of the favorite places to go is the Telkwa Mountain Range and this is where this sighting took place.

My wife and I dropped into a local restaurant for dinner one night, after finishing our meal I went to pay for it and I was asked about the UFO logo on my jacket, and after explaining what it was, the owner went on to tell me of a sighting he had with others.

He mentioned that they all watched, including a couple of tourists this silver/black disc shaped object hover in the distance. He also said it was hard to make out what this really was due to the distance away, but he did tell me what ever it was sat and hovered for some time before vanishing completely.

Houston to Smithers, British Columbia, Canada.

September 2002 - A man driving west towards Smithers from Houston on Highway16 around Grouse Mountain watched a white light streak low over the valley below him. He claims the light was white in color and very bright. The UFO sighting lasted only a few seconds.

Houston to Smithers, British Columbia, Canada.

August 2001 - Husband and his wife watched a large white light (object) east of Telkwa, British Columbia. Telkwa is between Smithers and Houston. The object which was reported was of a very large size and glowing brightly. The UFO encounter lasted approximately 20 seconds before disappearing rapidly to the north.

Smithers, British Columbia, Canada.

September 2001 - A woman who runs a cafe at the (deleted by Brian Vike) mentioned that she witnessed a bright glowing white object about five months ago which shot across the sky, came to a complete stop, and then disappeared up and out of sight. She told me she had not mentioned this before to anyone until now when she talked to me.

Smithers, British Columbia, Canada.

August 2001 - A security officer, person who checks out (deleted by Brian Vike) told me her friends had witnessed a multi colored object hovering for a few seconds in the Smithers, British Columbia area, and shot off very quickly.


Nine Eyewitnesses Watch An Amazing Sight.

Sighting Took Place Over Houston, Telkwa, Quick And Smithers British Columbia

Newspaper Article

UFO Sighting In Telkwa & Houston, B.C.

by Nicole Fitzgerald
The Interior News
Smithers, B.C.
Wednesday, August 7, 2002

By Nicole Fitzgerald
The Interior News

On July 29, winding down from a day on his Telkwa farm, Gordon Stewart settled into his chair facing two bay windows, overlooking the valley for a late-night movie.

At 10:45 p.m., a bright light flashed by his field of vision, raising him from his chair, astonished at the peculiarity and speed of the sight.After walking onto the front porch for a clearer view, only silence filled the valley sky smudged with light cloud cover. He called the RCMP.

There was no air force activity in the area. he woke his wife Joanna, who had already turned in for the night without hearing or seeing anything. On sharing his description of the round, white light with a yellowish hue, he learned his wife had seen the same light in the same location a couple of months earlier.

"I didn't want to tell him because he'd think I was crazy," Joanne recounted. Earlier that evening at 10.20 p.m. in Houston, a Canfor employee stepped from a forklift to examine a phosphorescent like white ball of light with yellow undertones, which appeared to hover, before slowly crawling across the sky line. The worker called out to two fellow co-workers who caught sight of the glowing light, which grew a tail as it gained momentum.

The phenomenon gained speed towards Tweedsmuir Park and shot out of view over the horizon. "I called them over because I wanted proof that I saw something and that I wasn't crazy," the Canfor employee explained. Despite having two witnesses, the Canfor employee wished to remain anonymous. Despite his wife having seen the same phenomenon's, Stewart was relieved a similar sighting was reported the same day.

Stewart caught the tail end of a movie when he was startled from his chair by an unidentifiable round light streaking across the valley. Combined with his house being stationed at 3,000 feet - Smithers sits at approximately 1,750 feet - and large bay windows, Stewart has an ideal birds eye view of air traffic.

Crazy and UFO are often terms that go hand in hand when trying to determine an experience that appears to be out of this world.

Already this year, over 70 unidentifiable sightings have been reported in northern B.C. Only two days before the Telkwa/Houston sighting, an erratically moving, bright light was spotted in Prince George. Sightings in Prince Rupert and Port Simpson were reported the same day of Stewart's experience. The two days that followed it reports from Terrace were filed on a glowing, cigar-shaped craft and four multiple sightings of an unidentifiable light.

"There is so much going on here it's nuts", Houston, British Columbia Canada UFO researcher Brian Vike remarked. Vike suspects action in space is growing with the number of hits he receives on his UFO website. "Recently, I have been getting numerous hits," he said, "Everything from the National Defense Department to Federal Aviation". He also noted that open information transitions between himself and the National Department of Defense has since clammed up with the publishing of the recent sighting in Telkwa - where three women attested to seeing an unidentified object with bright lights.

"No one wants to say anything and I am kind of wondering why", He questioned. "Is the military running a project we are not aware of? Something has happened I just don't know what ... yet". Many of these speculated extraterrestrial occurrences have been explained away as meteorites, flying exercises, space debris and the result of power towers.

A recent space ship sighting in Smithers turned out to be the planets Jupiter and Venus. Stewart dismisses many of these suspicions in his case. He began by explaining that the object flew in a flat line unlike meteorite or space debris's falling arc pattern. Planes might be a credible explanation, but because no sound was detected and the size of the light - the size of a pick up truck from the distance he sat at - flew so low, a plane wasn't a logical solution in Stewart's mind.

According to Central Mountain Air, there were no late night flights except for a training run July 29. Northern Thunderbird training was up between 10:07 - 11:04, however, a Central Mountain Air spokesperson saw no connection between the occurrences. She speculated that the tiny Cessna 185 would not emit a bright light of that magnitude and its engines would be heard at a close proximity.

Although a comet spotted the same evening would solve Stewart's mystery, its glowing green light, arc-shaped flight and Hudson Bay Mountain location did not pair up with what he saw - leaving Stewart questioning, "What the heck was it?" For Stewart, the speed of the light was the most notable. "If you had blinked, you would have missed it, it was that fast," he said. He assessed the light reached faster than the speed of light at over 650 miles per hour. Stewart is well acquainted to gauging speed, he assessed, after driving dragsters that reached up to 200 miles per hour. As to whether he believes in another life force traveling through the universe, Stewart has always believed since reading space comic books as a kid, that people on earth weren't the only ones out here. "There's too much on earth not to disbelieve," he argued, noting other phenomenon's such as the Pyramids. "I think there was someone before us."

Despite Stewart's open mind towards other life forms, he talked himself through other possible explanations, but came to the same conclusion: "I knew I saw something out of the ordinary".

Although highly skeptical, the Canfor employee agreed his sighting was something more than an every day occurrence. "In my mind it looked like a meteorite," he comforted himself, but wavered as he turned the 20 second experience over in his mind. "But, it was like no meteorite I've ever seen. I've seen meteorite showers before, but they never looked anything like this. I really don't know what it was."


UFOs: To Be Or Not To Be.

By Nicole Fitzgerald
The Interior News

After an article on UFO sightings in Telkwa and Houston was published in last week's edition of The Interior News, reports on UFO sightings are flying in and credibity of the sightings are gaining momentum.

"I can't keep up with all that is going on, " said an excited and exhausted Houston UFO researcher Brian Vike.

A flurry of phone calls, on-site interviews and investigative research has left Vike with little sleep. Since the papers hit the stands, five witnesses came forward, claiming they saw the white ball of light Telkwa resident Gordon Stewart glimpsed on the evening of July 29.

After reading the paper, Quick teacher Dina Hanson called Stewart to share the details of her sighting, which she recorded in her journal the day after her experience. Her son, civic engineer Ryan Hanson also saw the object, which partially matched Stewarts's description.

The Hanson's sighting also took place July 29, five minutes earlier than Stewarts's sighting, traveling in a southwesterly direction from Quick towards Telkwa.

Both observations commented on the awe striking brightness and size of the light; the white and yellow hues and soundless travel at a speed, which exceeded the propulsion of a man-made object. Some of the differences between the two incidents was that Dina's light shape was an elongated circle opposed to Stewart's round one. Dina also noted a slight downward trajectory to her object, unlike Stewart's parallel flight pattern.

However, Ryan introduced that because the object was moving away from his mother and himself, the object may have just appeared to be dropping because of their perspective. Dina originally attributed her experience to a meteorite sighting, but after a phone call to a professor at the University of Northern B.C. revealed that meteorites produce sound, Dina is uncertain. "I am pretty cynical about things like UFO's, " she said. "But because there was no sound, I think it is remotely possible it was something else."

A Smithers family of late night hot tubbers comprised of both adults and children also contacted Stewart, sharing a similar story, adding that the light engaged in a series of loops. Smithers resident Dan Derbyshire was also added to the list in an unrelated sighting. However, he wanted to support those stumbling upon these unexplainable phenomenon's. "Sometimes people feel they are the only ones (that are seeing unusual sights)," Derbyshire said, "But I thought I'd let them know, they aren't alone."

Like many other UFO reports, the edges of reality expand with the number of incidents reported as viewers digest science fiction's fanciful imagination with tangible physical experiences. "It was not what I classify as a flying saucer," Derbyshire noted of the craft, which reminded him of a metallic 40-gallon barrel, heading towards Houston at an estimated 300 kilometers per hour. He stated he is a UFO believer, but dismissed his incident as an American flight exercise in one breath while pondering over why he heard no sound in another.

His experience neither fits H.G. Wells' War of The Worlds where aliens employ mass destruction in tea- cup-and-saucer shaped crafts nor did it fit with the characteristics of a man-made aircraft. Reality and rationale collided as he attempted to interpret what he saw. Unlike a plane, there were no wings on the ribbed object and its flight was soundless, Derbyshire noted. Unlike many UFO sightings, the object did not emanate a white glowing light nor assume the regular saucer form, he added.

Vike surmises Derbyshire's suspicions are correct after a series of phone calls attributed the sighting to a military reconnaissance drone. Although if this assessment is correct, many more questions arise about what is going on for Vike. "A secret military exercise?" Vike questioned. "Who knows". Vike's suspicions are rising as reports of military trucks are detected around Houston and the Telkwa High Road. Vike and his wife also saw and heard the hum of large turbo propellers of military type crafts flying over Houston on August 8. "Something is going on," Vike alleged. Despite the couple both seeing and hearing the two military crafts, the Smithers air tower told Vike there was no air activity in the Houston vicinity.

Stewart is heartened by the additional reports coming in. "(People) can't say I've lost my marbles," Stewart laughed. "There are too many people who have seen it. I am not the only one."


Other Sightings that took place throughout our area.

Terrace, British Columbia Canada.

Date:  November 23, 2002
Time:  5:15 p.m.

I had a telephone call from two separate witnesses who live in the Terrace, British Columbia area explaining that they just had witnessed some strange lights over Thron Hill Mountain in Terrace, B.C.

From Terrace you would be looking east towards Thron Hill Mountain. (Brian Vike’s Note: There were actually 5 people who watched the lights in total, but I only have talked with the two who called me on this matter).

The weather condition at the time of the sighting was good, clear but rather windy. Also in the area where the lights were noticed there are some large towers close by.

One of the witnesses said the object, or bright light was approximately double the size of the planet Venus. White in color. All of the witnesses watched the light for approximately 10 to 15 seconds until it grew smaller in size and disappeared. (Brian Vike’s Note: I found this rather strange, all of the witnesses mentioned in all the clear sky there was a large cloud which hung over the mountain where the lights were spotted.

Seeing if was so stormy (windy) the witnesses all found it weird that the cloud stayed in it's position and did not move until all the lights were gone. BTW - In this report I have only mentioned one light, but it was approximately 15 minutes later after the one light left, two lights showed up).

Approximately 15 minutes later the witnesses claimed to see two balls of white light over the same area where the single light was sitting, it watched this for a few seconds before the lights blinked out.


Kitimat, British Columbia.

On Tuesday, March 19, 2002, at 7:35 a.m., a Terrace man "was on my way to work in Kitimat," a town 100 kilometers (60 miles) southeast of Prince Rupert, B.C. "when I watched 'something' coming out of the city (Kitimat) with flames behind it."

The witness "described his location as being near the Kitimat River Bridge, heading towards Kitimat and driving down the one straight stretch of road which leads away from the river. He saw the object more or less directly over Kitimat.

He saw "something streaking down with yellow, blue and red flames behind it, trailing smoke."


Terrace, British Columbia

On Monday, March 4, 2002, at 5:30 a.m., a male body builder was doing his cardio workout before heading for his place of employment. According to ufologist Brian Vike, as the man "was looking up towards the sky, when all of a sudden, it seemed like a star shot across the sky and came a complete stop."
The witness "said that it did a loop in the sky went straight up and disappeared." He described the UFO as "a very bright star with a blue-green-red colour to it."


Vanderhoof British Columbia.

On Thursday or Friday morning, February 28 or March 1, 2002, the witness saw a white and extremely bright light in the direction of Sinkut Mountain at 5:30 AM from her kitchen window.

Her first thoughts were that it was just a logging truck. The witness looked through binoculars and saw a pure bright white light for quite some time. The light would move, then stop, leave and return. The light would zip around so quickly that it could not have been any aircraft or logging equipment.

Two witnesses traveling on Langston Road heading towards Prince George at 5:45 a.m. also saw the white light. Canadian UFO Investigator Brian Vike determined there was no logging or construction equipment working the mountain.

If anyone has had a UFO/UFOs sighting, please send me an email at or fill out the online UFO report form at with details of what you saw. 

Please remember to include the date and time and location. (Town/City – State or Province) and as much detail as possible.

Vike Factor Note: I do receive sighting reports from all over the world, and I post all of the reports I receive here:

Brian Vike.
Box 1091
Houston, British Columbia, Canada.

Email: or

The Vike Factor -  Houston, British Columbia Centre For UFO Research. Canadian UFO Investigator Brian Vike.

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