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Witness Stands 40 Feet From Slick Metallic UFO At Goose Bay AFB Labrador

Date:  July 1968
Time:  Approx: 9:00 p.m.
(Report received March 19, 2012.)
I just happened to use the internet to see about UFO sightings in Goose Bay and learned there have been several over time. 
I stood less than 40 feet away from a stationary object positioned directly over the roof of a base housing unit, and observed it from all angles for over 5 minutes, until it took off straight up at a high rate of speed when I threw a rock directly at it. 
Are you interested in my account? This took place in July, 1968.
Additional Information:
I was living in Goose Bay, Labrador in 1968. My dad was stationed at Goose Bay AFB, and worked on Melville Hill, which was a radar installation perched above the base and a few miles away up a winding road. 
Our housing unit was at the far end of the base, near the end of the runway on the American side of the base. If I turned out of the house left and went to the road, it curved to the right and was one long road that led to the base gym, past rows of standard 2 story base housing for enlisted personnel. 
In July of 1968, not sure of the exact date, I was coming home from the gym after shooting baskets until closing time, about 9:00 p.m. 
I walked down the road and as soon as you cross the street in front of the gym and start walking down the road leading to my house, you are passing residences. 
One thing I noticed, was that not one person was outside, and I never saw a car. It was a perfect night, no clouds at all, and the sky was full of stars with no moon. Clear as clear can be.
About halfway down the street was a residence where a friend of mine lived, and I stopped in front of his house and could see a light on in the second story window where he stayed.
I was going to call out his name when I noticed something above the edge of the roof. I stepped back for a better view, and backed all the way to the street. 
These houses had flat roofs, and in the back of the yard was a utility pole with a light on it. I could see between this thing on the roof, the light on the utility pole, so I walked from one side to the other keeping the pole light in view to see any kind of structure supporting this object.
The distance between the bottom of the object and the roof was 3 to 5 feet max. As I focused on the size of the object, I could see it was as long as the roof, but I never walked around to the back to see from that side. 
There was no definition at the base of the object from one side of the roof to the other, just a distinct separation of a few feet from the top of the roof to the bottom of this object and darkness in between, even though I could see the pole light through that space in between. 
Above it was a different story. The object was sloped, or rounded at the top, which was identical to the center point of the roof, I would say about 10 feet higher, and angling down from the top of the object evenly on either side down to the edges of the roof. 
There were 3 separate points sloping down from the peak, and they were rounded at the ends, exactly like some starfish you see as you look above them and see their arms extended. 
I did not notice the object from above as I first tried to see if anything was supporting it by using the light pole in back and going from edge to edge. 
Stepping into the street was when I focused above the roof and what caught my eye was the slick metallic surface, like the wrapper on a stick of Wrigley chewing gum. 
No seams, edges, lines, just a totally slick, smooth surface from this peak down to the ends, and which fit perfectly inside the width of the roof. 
I looked from the object down one way of the street hoping someone was outside so I could get a witness to what I was seeing, but not comprehending. 
I looked back at the object, still as could be, and looked down the street the other way. Nobody. I was walking toward the front door to knock on it and tell them to come out and look when I saw a fist sized rock, perfect for throwing, sitting by the curb. 
I picked it up and had the weird sensation that this object knew what I was planning, or that I was being watched. I counted to three and fired that rock square at a point just below the high point of the object. 
I followed the rock as it was headed right at it and the object went out of view as I saw the rock whizz by the light pole in back, now seen clearly beyond the roof. 
I looked up in time to see a speck of light shoot straight into the stars and fade out. No sound, no nothing, just out of my view while staring at it as that rock raced toward it. 
Never saw anything like it before or since, and even though I was 12, I had been around planes enough to know nothing at that time could move that quick from a stationary position with no noise. 
One of those moments that are distinctly imprinted in your brain, and all the details that went with it. Still recall it like it was yesterday.
Vike Factor Note: The above sighting is an amazing one at that. I have received another report sometime ago, and it to is an amazing sighting taking place at Goose Bay AFB. If you would like to read this report as well, you can find it here: “Huge UFO Sighted 1959 USAF SAC Base Goose Bay Labrador (Scanned In Letter)”
If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

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