Monday, March 19, 2012

The Vike Factor Into The Paranormal (Just Reached 5,005 Sighting Reports Posted)

The Vike Factor Blog has been extremely busy, more busy than when I owned and operated my old large website. On this Blog there are just over 5,000 sighting reports posted, which is a lot of eyewitnesses sending in their reports over what they have seen in the day and night sky.
Also on the Blog, I have many, many major UFO cases in which I spent along time investigating. Some of these cases were made into TV UFO Documentaries, such as for the Life Network and the CTV Network (Creepy Canada).
I also provided a lot of UFO material for many of the UFO Documentaries seen on TV over the last few years. Also will be taking part in a brand new TV UFO Documentary which will be filmed soon for airing at a later date.
Also something I thought worth mentioning as well. Just in the New Year (2012) the guys have posted 938 sighting reports to the blog, this would be a record for myself. This is a huge number for me, and I still have a huge stack of reports to work on and get posted.
I would like to thank everyone who has been kind enough to file their sightings with me, Brian Vike (The Vike Factor)
I am sure there will be many more to come.
Thank you again.
Brian Vike
The Vike Factor.

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  1. I must say Mr. Vike

    You are one busy dude with all these reports

    Thankyou for your time and heart in posting
    Congrads to expanding to the TUBE

    There are so many people who need to spark a interest.

    It appears mostly those whom have witnessed one !

    Good will hunting and thx on behalf of all citizens of the world.

    We are NOT alone in TRUTH