Saturday, March 3, 2012

Strange Glowing Lights Seen Over Southeast Portland Oregon (Picture)

Date:  March 2, 2012
Time:  Approx: 8:00 p.m.
Did anyone else report the strange glowing lights that crossed the sky over SE Portland tonight. My family and I witnessed the event around 8:00 p.m. and can't figure out what they were.
When we returned from dinner and got out of the car, we witnessed a single very intense light that had a red glow, almost scanning in front of it, travel what seemed to be too slow for an airplane and very steady across the sky from Mt. Scott to the north.
There was no sound and no blinking lights and then it faded into the cloud cover probably over Marine Drive. When it disappeared, another became visible from the same area where we first saw the first and did pretty much the same thing.
Again, no sound and/or blinking lights. I have seen a lot of strange stuff in my time, but this made me feel real weird. My family and I can't figure this one out.
I was able to grab some binoculars for the second one, and didn't make out any type of shape.
That's how the scanning affect was conceived. Just a very intense light almost floating across the sky with a red glow to it. My daughter was able to capture on her phone camera, and that looked even weirder.
Although not a good picture, strange still. Hope were not alone or this has a good answer to it. Thought I should tell someone as when I called the non-emergency police, they hadn't heard of anything and sent me to the airport people that said the same.
If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

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  1. I saw something very odd this same date and approximate time. From SE Portland, looking to the west, I noticed a light that I thought, at first, was a plane. Except the light emitted was reddish. The object was traveling from SW to NE. Within a few seconds, the object got much closer and now appeared as if it was only a few hundred feet up. It was red and glowing with what appeared to be sparks emanating from it. Then, a second one followed it, then another and another until I saw six of them equal distances apart. I yelled for my friend to come take a look, but neither of us could identify what we were seeing. They looked very close and almost like they were floating except that they appeared to be self-propelled. Very odd. I was wondering if anyone else had seen them

  2. My family and I saw this exact phenomenon just last night (March 19, 2012). The only difference is that the lights (between 6 and 8 of them) came from the south (we were at 60th and Foster) and turned toward the east before they were overhead. As they made the turn, the orange light faded out, until they were just black shapes. No identifiable form to the shapes - they were pretty far away when they went black. I looked at one of the glowing ones with a scope, but it really didn't look any clearer. Just orange glowing, vaguely circular lights, one after another. What the heck?

  3. I just realized I said "March 19th" in my previous comment. That was an error because I was looking at "March on the other person's comment. This happened last night - May 19th, 2012.

  4. Saw red lights flying in a "W" formation tonight Sat, 8/4/12 10:12 pm from Interstate and Lombard area. Lights were moving slowly across the sky from the North, headed South east. I didn't count, maybe 6-10 lights.

  5. My husband, kids and I were crossing the Fremont bridge coming into Portland around 8:00pm last night and saw four red/orange lights in a strange line. The lights didn't blink at all. Almost appeared to be floating and way too close together to be planes. We see planes all the time between PDX and Hillsboro airport so we know the difference. Finally one of the lights moved quickly to the side and we lost sight of them when we went under the tunnel. Very very strange. We can't be the only ones who saw them as there were other cars on the bridge at the time and they were obvious and right over the top of Portland.

  6. My brother and I seen 4 orange balls going from north to south they were about 2min apart this was in Portland OR on 6/8/13 between 11:00&11:15pm did anyone else see this

  7. I just saw three strange lights over Portland at 21:30 on 06/14/13. Very intense lights that faded and moved away one at a time. I haven't seen anything like it before, so I have been scanning the internet trying to figure out what it was.

  8. Just saw 3 strange extremley bright glowing lights to the south from SE Portland tonight ...11/7/13

  9. I've been seeing the same exact red lights in SE portland for the past two years, I didn't even bother googling it until I saw another one Toni ght because I assumed it was easily explainable, apparently not. There's so many reports over the years how does no one have any sort of answer yet? 4/30/14

  10. I've been seeing the same exact lights for the past two years, I haven't even googled them until tonight when I saw another one because I assumed they would be easily explained, it's strange it's been being reported for years and no one has an answer yet 4/30/14