Thursday, September 20, 2012

Over 300 Sighting Reports Posted Soon

Vike Factor Note:  I was away for a little over three weeks and arrived back home just this week.

In the time I was out of town, over 300 sighting reports came into my two email accounts.

So I will be getting at these shortly.

Also I am reviewing Movies and Documentaries for Reality Entertainment/Chemical Burn.

Also I am reviewing books as well. All will be posted on the blogs.

I am just getting organized and will get sighting reports posted very quickly.

Take care.
Brian Vike
The Vike Factor

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  1. Hello Brian, hope you got first part of my message from Camps Bay Cape Town about sighting tonight. Must have hit wrong key and my message on your comment page was gone. Assuming you got earlier comments, the bright white light inside the cloud quickly gained speed and headed straight up into the sky and seconds later became a pinprick size dot and eventually disappeared. Amazing! My wife saw this as did people on the veranda at the guest house next to our house. I will get their names tomorrow.