Monday, July 9, 2012

Attention: All New UFO Sighting Reports

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Brian Vike
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  1. I live in Kentucky, and had the same thing happen on the 29th of this month between 10-12 a.m. This was seen by my and my two friends, we ran to get another group of friends inside, but they tried saying it looked like a paper lantern. I have seen many reports of this as I decided to look up on it the next day. Turns out many surrounding states, and even another country has had this happen. It was slow moving, in a straight line, red light, sort of flickered a bit, looked large, but just disappeared, and not as in we watched it fly off, it was just gone. I will leave an email address for you in you need any more information. This was in Kentucky, close to Elizabethtown.

  2. 1990-91 Around 9 miles north of Willow Springs Missouri on HWY 137 in the Evening. I stepped outside of our A-frame house through the North facing back door when I immediately noticed a helicopter less than a third of a mile away at a low altitude traveling north. Peripheral vision drew attention to my right just above the tree tops where I observed 2 sets of 3 huge round red objects, each set forming a perfect triangle of the same size. Simultaneously the red lights with in each set would fade in and out as in a slow blinking manner. Nothing was adjoining them together and you could see the night sky/stars through each set. They were literally right above me. I yelled for my wife to come out, upon doing so I went in to call a relative who lived a mile away while on the phone for only a few seconds the wife came in and said they where gone. I should of stayed out there because I would of liked to have known if they flew away or just blinked out...It is in my opinion that the occupants of the helicopter must have seen these as well.

  3. Keswick Ontario Canada Friday night August 17th 2012 at around 9 pm. My son and I were walking our two dogs when I noticed this bright orange fire in the sky just above my neighbors roof it looked low almost as If it,would hit there roof .it honestly looked like someone put a perfect campfire inside a clear oval balloon I didn't no what to say or so I have never seen anything like it in my life I yelled to my son to take a picture with his Camera phone he did manage a photo and video .I have heard of one other person who said they saw a fire floating in the sky one street over.I have looked on the net and found a picture from another sighting that looks the same as mine big time believer in ufos but this was mesmerizing not sure what to say or do my wife thinks I have lost it .I called the police and they think the same pretty cool sight that night.