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John Tosti Story - Alien Contact In Bloomington Indiana (Video Clips/Pictures/Audio)

(From Brian Vike’s UFO Files) Posted by Brian Vike.

A message to John’s Mother, I am sure you will read the report and view the clips on your son. A while back we were emailing back and forth, and I have no idea what happened to your emails, mainly you email address. If you would be kind enough to send me another email this would be great, you can send it to me, at I have something I need to discuss with you.

Thank you and look forward in hearing from you again.

John Christopher Tosti: Born 1-21-70 - Died 3-24-2011 (UFO/Alien Abductee)

I bring sad news this evening, Mr. John Christopher Tosti passed away on March 24, 2011 leaving behind loved ones, friends and folks who cared about John. I myself met John only through emails and our telephone calls we made to one another.

I found John to be an intelligent man who loved his family dearly. John contacted me in hopes of finding some answers, or to tell someone about his ongoing experiences with unidentified flying craft, and his alien abduction, which troubled him for years after the experience.

My regret was not meeting John in person as he and I would have had lots in common, and we would have hit it off straight away.

John leaves behind a wealth of information in a report I wrote up on what had been happening to him and what he and his family were observing. I did have everything posted at an old website I owned and operated, but I did sell the website and now much of the photos and video is not posted. I do have everything here, but it was packed away with all UFO material a couple years ago.

In Memory of John Tosti.
Deremiah Frye Mortuary Greene and Harrell Chapel.

Brian Vike’s Note: It was hard hearing about John’s passing as he was still a young, kind man, but I then was told that about a year later, John’s wife passed away on Wednesday, November 24, 2010. Both John and Susan will be greatly missed by family and friends.

In Memory of Susan Tosti
Allen Funeral Home for Susan -

Special Report By Brian Vike (The Vike Factor)

Below: This video clip is an introduction from John to me. John’s wife is by his side.

As Ufologists we hear many stories of unusual encounters and sightings of exotic crafts flying through our day and night skies. Every once in a while we come across a case that truly defies explanation. This is one of those cases I am writing about now.

I was contacted recently and was sent a couple of photos of something unusual. At least for now it remains unexplained. At first the conversation started over the object itself, but what I didn't realize was, that there was a lot more to come.

This story comes from a man by the name of John Tosti, who resides in the southern part of Bloomington, Indiana on acreage in a rural setting and who has lived in the area for many years. Back in his younger days he was an avid hunter and enjoyed being in the outdoors.

John would leave his home roughly around 4:00 to 5:00 a.m., before the sun had risen so he could get to the back of his property in hopes of spotting game. One day as he made ready to head out, John walked onto his front porch and quickly noticed three bright spherical shaped lights which appeared to be floating above the top of the trees.

One of the lights travelled to the west. This first light wasn't moving erratically and was flying along rather slowly. The color of the light was blue. The light at arms length was approximately the size of a quarter and the other two lights the size of a dime. These two were green and red and were moving erratically around the blue light in a figure eight pattern. They were slightly smaller than the blue lights.

The objects were low enough in altitude that they cast their light onto the trees. An estimate of the distance away from the witness would have placed the lights at around 100 yards away from him. John said he watched them move along slowly for approximately three to four minutes before they disappeared. He stood watching and was totally baffled at the strange sight. John explained he had never observed anything like this before. He said that he has seen all types of different aircraft and helicopters and knows what they sound and look like. These lights made no sound whatsoever.

He eventually made his way back home. He woke up his fiancée to tell her what he had just witnessed. Still half asleep, John's fiancée listened with a puzzled look on her face as she didn't understand what he'd seen. He went into more detail about the sighting and took her outside in the cool early morning. He pointed in the direction where he saw the lights. They both stood outside discussing it for a few minutes and eventually she went back inside and back to bed.

John sat down on the couch to reflect on what he just had witnessed. Later that day John talked with a couple of co-workers at the construction site about different things. He made arrangements with his close friend Jim to go out hunting the next day. John woke up early the next morning ready for the days hunt. His friend Jim pulled up at approximately 4:00 - 4:30 a.m. Both men sat outside putting on their gear and getting things prepared for the hike to the back of the property.

Once again, John looked skywards and was surprised to see the same lights were back in the same area performing the same maneuvers. Jim sat there observing, not saying much at all, then finally he turned to John and asked, "what the heck is that ?"

John told his friend that he had no idea what these objects were. He explained he had witnessed the very same thing a day earlier. They both sat watching and looking at each other from time to time and finally shrugged their shoulders and carried on with what they had planned for the morning. Both turned on their flashlights and headed off towards the back end of the property.

Both men were approximately mid-way through the property when they came to a small creek which runs along the side of a hill. John was the first to notice an orange/red glowing ball in the distance in a forested area in the gully. Knowing there was nothing back there to cause this light source, he thought it might have been the setting moon, as this was the first thought that came to his mind.

The men continued walking, went up the hill and towards the bright colored ball of light which now they saw was sitting in the gully. From their position on the hill all of a sudden they saw the ball of light blink out. Now the two hunters stood baffled, amazed, and nervous at what they both had just seen.   As they looked toward the area where they saw the ball of light there appeared two single lights.

John's first thoughts were that a couple of hunters were wearing a strap-on light band around their heads, or miners with the light on their hard hats, but two figures were down in the gully where the orange light was. They were coming in the direction of John and Jim.

Thinking they may be hunters and not wanting to be mistaken for a wild animal and being shot at, John told his friend Jim to get behind one of the larger trees which was close to them. Both men laid down on the ground staying silent and keeping out of sight from the figures that were approaching their location.

John would peek around the tree to see if the figures were still heading in their direction as they were able to hear the dry leaves crackling and small branches snapping which indicated the two unknowns were getting closer by the second. John guessed the figures may have been 30 yards away at this point. He turned and whispered to Jim telling him again to be very quiet as these unknowns were getting very close and were heading straight for the two men.

Just as John finished speaking to his friend he peered around the tree once more and the two figures were standing right over top of them.  The approximately six foot tall figures came around the tree and shone their lights down on the two men. John thought, "who are these men, what are they doing on private property and what do they want?" He was frightened! John was blinded for a moment from the light. The next thing he knew, it was daytime.

John said when he became aware of his surroundings he was approximately fifty feet away from where they were hiding. Both of their guns were gone. They were nowhere to be seen. Jim was approximately 50 yards away from John, across the creek in a brier patch, waving to him.

John had a sharp pain in his nasal passage and a bloody nose with blood trickling from his left nostril. He told me it felt as if it was a dream because the two men had just been walking through the area in the darkness only to witness a bright glowing object and the two figures, then all of a sudden it is daylight.

He was really confused about what had taken place. The fellows dazed, and confused, started looking around for their guns. John noticed an unusual pile of leaves and went to investigate. Under the leaves were the men's guns. He said they had been covered over by something, or someone. The fellows gathered up their gear and headed back home.

When they got to the barn on John's property they removed the items they had taken out with them. Jim spoke up and said,"I don't know what happened to you and I, but I don't want to discuss this ever again." John told Jim, "don't worry about me talking about it as I would not even know what to tell someone." John said "I don't know what took place!"

John told me that he definitely had a missing time event, how much time the two men lost, no one could determine due to them still feeling confused and not looking at their watches. Like John said, he never had given much thought about UFOs, Aliens, Abductions or anything of that nature.

Back home, John tried to explain to his fiancée what he and his friend Jim had experienced. Of course, John found it hard to tell his story as he was still at a loss as to what had happened to himself and his friend. After John told her what he was able to remember, she was just as confused.

On the back of John's neck there is a large red scar. He believed something was inserted into the back of his neck after his five hours of missing time. Both John and his wife couldn't figure out why the baby monitor would go crazy when it was passed over the scar on his neck. Also the batteries would go dead. Still, they can't find an answer to this.

Video Clip Left: John is talking about the mark on the back of his neck in this video clip after his encounter with these strange beings. Also he is running a baby monitor over the back of his neck and the monitor is sounding off. It was believed that there was an implant inserted in the back of John’s neck.

Later that evening John went to bed and after falling asleep he began to have a series of nightmares about himself and Jim being back in the area where the encounter had taken place, plus what they went through. As the nights passed, John continued to have the same nightmare about their experience.

Because these nightmares kept playing out night after night John decided to seek out some help. As he told me, he did not know who to turn to. He did not want to speak to his family members about what happened as he thought they certainly would not believe him and most likely wouldn't understand what he was talking about.

He waited, or put the whole issue off, for six years. Eventually as the years passed, it was time to seek out professional help from a qualified medical person. “He needed some answers!” John continued talking to his fiancée about what took place. Over the course of a year or more after the initial sighting, and encounter, more sightings took place.

At this point in the conversation with John, he was asked how his relationship with Jim was to date. John told me that the two of them had pretty much drifted apart. He also went on to say there were other friends who had been with him on other occasions and they also had witnessed some of the lights/objects John was seeing. These friends also started staying away from him.

John's fiancée couldn't take it anymore and left due to the high strangeness which was continuing to play out around their home. The couple had a baby boy and John's fiancée felt is wasn't a good idea to bring the young child up in this type of environment. John told me it was devastating for him to lose the people who were the closest to him.

The sad fact in this part of the story is that John's fiancée did not want to have any contact with him after she left. John was not to have any contact with "his" child. Legal proceedings were started by his fiancée to keep John away from his child, which I find extremely sad. She thought that John was going crazy.

John gave examples of the things he was observing around him. As he told me, he was seeing these lights/objects around his property on a continuing basis. He witnessed these unknowns pretty much over the same area on the acreage and he began to chase after the objects down the country roads.

John felt as if these objects were leading him to certain spots on the property, maybe setting him up for something yet to come. Even throughout it all he still thought how beautiful the balls of lights were and how they moved so gracefully through the sky. He was chasing after them because he was hoping to find an answer to all of this phenomena.

Sometimes there was just one light, sometimes there were two. John said as he chased these lights he would be brought to an old farm where the unknowns would sit stationary and eventually just disappear. It seems that John would be constantly chasing these lights night after night to only see them vanish before his eyes.

(Note: the old farm mentioned above is actually owned by the government so I was told).  

In the picture below, John's new love in his life, Susan.

Of course at this point in John's life he was living on his own. He met a wonderful lady (Susan) some months down the road after his break up with his fiancée. Early in their relationship John figured he would share some of the things he had witnessed with his new lady. John cared for his new found love. He wanted her to see these things so she didn't think he was making up these stories. It worked out well as she told John that she also had seen something in the past, but wasn't sure what it was. So she had an interest in all of this.

The couple took a drive out on one of the country roads so John would be able to let her see for herself the sights he'd been observing for months. The two of them made their way down to the old farm and sat there. John started to point out what appeared to look like shooting stars, except these lights/objects would come all the way down through the sky and stop over top of the tree line and move diagonally either to the right or the left.

Susan sat there with her mouth wide open as she watched. She didn't know what to say as she was in shock to actually see this unfolding in front of her. John at this point is feeling much better about the whole situation because he had been talking a little about this, and now the new love in his life didn't consider him to be crazy !

They both watched the lights dance around the sky for approximately an hour. Suddenly the interior lights of their car started to flicker off and on. She mentioned to John that this had never happened to her car before. Finally they decided to head back home and talk about the event they had both witnessed. Discussing the nights events, she decided it would be good if they bought a video camera so this could all be documented.

She told John that no one would believe us, we need proof in the form of footage or still pictures. He certainly agreed that it was a good idea to get a camera, if for nothing else than to capture these objects and then show the footage to their other family members. It was very important for them to believe John.

Susan bought a video camera on December 23, and that night John ended up chasing a ball of light down the same country road to the farm where the lights have been so visible on a constant basis. He started filming two balls of light which were low over the trees.

After approximately fifteen minutes of filming them, he thought he had enough footage to take back home to share with his family. He arrived at his house, shut the vehicle off and walked inside. Susan appeared to be upset about something. She turned to him and asked, "where have you been for about five hours".

John was shocked to hear this as he knew he had only been filming for a short period of time. The couple ended up in an argument over the length of time he'd been gone, as Susan was only concerned for her husband's well-being. She finally told him to look at the clock.

The time was 4:30 a.m. and John had left at 11:00 p.m. and thought he was only gone for approximately fifteen minutes. After he looked at the clock he realized why his wife was so upset with him. "I just don't understand where the time has gone," he said.

Eventually things calmed down and he asked his wife to look at the video tape of what he had captured. Both of them settled in to watch the video footage so he could prove to Susan that he was only gone for the 15 minutes and not out doing something else. While viewing the tape he excused himself as he had to use the washroom. As he was about to enter the bathroom, his wife, Susan, yelled out, "what is that?"

In the video clip above, John’s wife was really angry with him as John had been gone for 5 hours, and was only going to be a short while. Susan was angry with him because she worried and hoped nothing was wrong. 

But in this clip, John talks about this “Red Rod” that went through his hand. If you watch the entire video clip you will see what John is referring to. 

John turned around to find out what she was referring to. What she observed on the film was a red "thing" which appeared on the upper portion of the TV screen. He walked back and sat down beside her and they rolled the tape back a little so they could replay it and watch for the red "thing" that she had noticed.

John describes this thing as being wand or rod-like in shape. It went through his hand which was in view of the camera. Inside the red rod there appeared to be a white tube which extended down through and out the end of the red rod. Once the white tube reached the end of the red rod, the entire apparatus moved rapidly back through John's hand. At that very moment John recalled some type of cloth rubbing together and his arm started to go numb.

In the above video clip, John shows us his hand, this is where the Red Rod traveled through it. Scars can been seen easily from this encounter.

He immediately got up from the couch and started pacing the floor, coming to the realization that something had happened to him when he was out taking footage of the lights at the old farm house earlier that evening. John was finding it very hard to have a good night's sleep because of what had been going on.

The couple just had a baby girl and John was certainly worried about the unknown lights around the home and wondering for the safety of his new born child and his wife. Plus the lights were starting to show up in the daylight hours which was really getting them all stressed out.

One example he gave was when his mother-in-law was in one of the rooms above the main floor of the home and saw a ball of fire drop out of the sky and shoot lightening bolts at the home. Another was of a shimmering blue/white light which constantly showed up in the families backyard. John, not knowing what might happen, would stay up all night until the sun rose the next morning. He finally went to see his family physician to ask for something that might help him get a good night's sleep.

The mother-in-law who saw the ball of fire shoot the lightening bolts towards the home was a skeptic. She did not believe in UFOs, or beings from elsewhere. Matter of fact, she had been holding a cup of coffee when the bolts hit the side of the house and becoming very frightened, she spilt the hot coffee all over her chest. The lady was so scared that she dropped to the ground and crawled underneath a table and stayed there until her daughter and son-in-law came home. She had no idea what happened and no rational explanation for it.

John and his wife were at another house on the property and had witnessed an extremely bright flash and first thought electrical lines might have fallen onto the residence as they could hear the sound of an electrical rush of current or discharge. As they entered the house the flash of light and the sound kept repeating itself over and over as the couple walked through each room looking for John's mother-in-law.

Finally they found her hiding underneath the table. Later she told her them that the flash and sound seemed to be moving around the outside of the home following John and Susan in and out of each room. The couple could clearly see the flashing and hear the sound of high voltage going through the roof as they made their way through the different rooms.

As mentioned above John sought help so he might get a good nights sleep. With all the visitations happening on a daily basis, he wasn't sure if his family was going to be next, or taken, or harmed in some way. It became so bad that he had his family sleep/hide in the closet at night and he guarded the door. John was worn out.

He had lost an excellent job working in construction, etc. He needed professional help at this time. He talked to a lady (she was a director of Mental Health at one of the local hospitals) in hopes he might get a little medication to help him sleep through the night, thinking this may work or at least help him to some degree. The lady suggested that John and her go talk to a doctor to see what could be done for him, in the way of some medication.

The lady asked what was going on, and John thought that just maybe if he told her she might have a better understanding and know what exactly should be done for him. She walked with John over to the hospital, (there are two buildings on the property). At one of the buildings they evaluate potential patients, and at the other building patient care is handled).

When the lady and John entered one of the buildings, they immediately got into the elevator and the lady mentioned to John we are just going up to see the doctor, plus you can tell him what has been taking place at your home. When John and the lady arrived at the fifth floor, the elevator doors opened. As he stepped out he noticed two men dressed in white hospital clothing approaching him.

He was wondering what was going on as the two men were looking directly at him which made him feel very nervous. He then turned to ask the lady what was going on when he saw her back step into the elevator as he watched the elevator doors close. Feeling frightened at this point, John looked over to where one would push buttons for the elevator which would take you to different floors in the hospital, but he noticed that the elevator was operated by keys only.

In other words John was stuck, scared, with nowhere to go. The two men took hold of John and said that they were going to take him to have his vitals checked, etc.. While this is being done, John said to the men that he was just here to see the doctor. One of the men who greeted John told him that the doctor was not going to be back to the hospital until tomorrow morning and informed him that he would have to spend the night at the hospital.
Picture Left: Bloomington Hospital.

Of course straight away John starts to question what is going on. From the sounds of it the lady may have called ahead to the hospital to have John committed for an evaluation, and the two men did confirm this to John. Being cooperative John asked could he please make a telephone call to his wife as she was going to be worried sick about him because she had no clue that he would be kept overnight.

The hospital staff allowed John to call home and talk to his wife. When Susan found out where her husband was, she was totally upset and surprised. He explained that there was no way the hospital staff was going to let him out. He was basically stuck there, at least until the next day. They had no idea what would come after his meeting with the doctor.

John settled in for the night waiting until morning when the doctor arrived to evaluate him. Susan also arrived at the hospital with some of the video footage that they had taken of the strange occurrences from around their home and explained to the lady who got John into this pickle that he wasn't delusional or crazy and everything he had told her was true.

She pleaded with the lady to allow her to show the doctor what was on the videos. The lady walked Susan over to the hospital and they waited in a room to see the doctor. John, the lady and Susan would be discussing the case. Before he was to meet with everyone he was given a shot which made him lightheaded. He guessed it was a sedative of some kind.

When he was escorted into the meeting room, there were three doctors waiting. A TV and VCR were hooked up so everyone would be able to view the tapes Susan had brought with her. One of the tapes was placed into the VCR and everyone watched for approximately 5 minutes.

The video machine was then turned off and the doctors consulted and looked at John and said, Mr. Tosti, we are sorry, but there is nothing we can do for you. So they signed his release papers and John and Susan left the hospital. The medical record displayed here gives evidence that John was indeed placed into a hospital for possible treatment. Due to having the footage of what John's family had filmed and the doctors viewing the tapes, they came to the conclusions that something was definitely happening over and around the Tosti home.

Above Picture: This is John’s discharge paper from the hospital. 

“Susan, John's wife recounted what took place after the trip to the mental hospital,” This you can read below.

I am Johns wife, Susan and I'd like to talk a bit about what happened after his trip to the mental hospital. We found out what would happen if we sought help. John thought the best way to stop what was happening to us would be to throw all of the evidence away.

Needless to say, I didn't agree and we were having a rather heated argument. In the midst of our quarreling a blinding light shot through the window we were sitting next to. It was just like a bolt of lightning and it sounded like 40,000 volts of electricity on the ceiling.

However, there was a blizzard occurring at the time so that definitely wasn't it. We both jumped up and ran into the kitchen to get away from it. As soon as we got to the kitchen, it happened again, but this time it came through the kitchen window we were closest to.

So we ran to the very back room of our house where there was an outside door. We were going to exit the house. When we went to open the door it came in through the window in the door at us. Each time this happened the sound of electricity was deafening. We thought a power-line had dropped on our house so we called the power company to help us get out of our house.

The snow wasn't that deep yet and they made it. To our surprise they said there wasn't a thing wrong. However we did notice that the snow that had fallen so far had holes melted in it as if there had been sparks falling all around our house. That night we were terrorized and it continued every night for about five days. We would first lose our electricity. This always adds an extra element of terror. Then you realize you are not alone. Bright blue strobe lights or bright white lights from outside would light up our house and sometimes we would see others in the house with us.

One time they (Alien Beings) were in my bedroom with me and one grabbed my leg and tried to pull me off the bed. I didn't appreciate it too much. My husband also saw a few others, but he can tell you about them. I was very scared and I didn't know how we were going to go on.

After the blizzard was over and the state of emergency in our county was lifted things got better, but they were still there above our house every night for the longest time and I never knew when they were going to start terrorizing us again. It was not a good time and I feel for anyone that has experienced this.

John has pulled together some eight to ten hours of footage of these strange lights, etc. Also there is the medical form on which it states that John was in the hospital at the time he mentioned. Also since all the strangeness has been taking place there, John's family have observed many helicopters flying close and over the top of his home when they never showed up before.

He has footage and stills of the fly by. Because things were so frightening and not sure what the government might or might not do, John and his family talked to reporters who came to visit their home and related their story to them. The idea was if the information gets into the public eye, then government officials would leave them alone if this should ever be a problem.

John has filmed military jets flying low over the roads. After he played back the video tape of the aircraft he could clearly see a wobbling object of some kind which was flying directly below one of the jet aircraft. Later that day he went over to a friend's home and saw something with a shape flying over top of his friends house above the tree line.

He told me the camera was set at a high shutter speed. Also military helicopters were buzzing the families home on many occasions.

One of John's most memorable videos captured an object that was a moon sized craft that was vertical in the sky and approximately 200 to 300 feet off the ground. John could easily see a number of separate lights on the bottom of the craft.

As the object started to lean towards John's direction or location he was able to see a dome towards the back part of the craft as the rim of the object became more visible. The dome portion of it was a blue/white color. As the object started to pitch down in front of John he turned on the vehicle's headlights to brighten up the area. What he wanted to accomplish was to provide some trees, the long grass etc.. which would show up on the video and give some perspective to show just how low the object was, and to give a good idea of what it looked like and how it maneuvered.

Above Video: This is where John talks about the UFO having a dome, and the trees and long grass were a back drop for the object.

As soon as the lights from John's vehicle were turned on, the craft flattened out and dropped down towards the ground with the dome and other features clearly visible. All of a sudden the bottom of the craft starts flashing until eventually the whole craft starts to flash. As he watches, the object starts to move to his left, which would have been towards the south. Still visible by sight and camera, the object came to a complete stop and hovers. From there it starts to change it's form/shape and moves back to John's right and behind a tree.

From there it releases two smaller objects which are red and the other green. These two colored objects were round in shape. As John watched the large object move again to his left/south he lost sight of the two smaller ones. Keep in mind that he had still been filming and caught the object changing it's form.

As it reached a point to his left the large craft started to flash. As John zooms in on the large object and the two smaller objects reappeared. One of the smaller objects went to the top of the craft while the other object positioned itself at the bottom. He could clearly see there were three separate objects and that none of them were attached to one another. This piece of footage was shot on January 19, 1996.

John estimates the craft to be approximately 500 yards away from his location. He also estimates (roughly) the object may have been some 35 feet in diameter. After all this being caught on film, it was a relief for John to be able to show his whole family that he was not crazy and was certainly seeing all that he was talking about.

The unusual events that have taken place at the Tosti home, are still continuing to this day, but it comes in patterns over a period of time, then the sightings subside to some degree. When the lights or sightings flare up, John notices there are regular military over flights of the area.

“Note from John Tosti about the newspaper article.” I thought we would send some more evidence pertaining to our sightings and visitations. The article attached is from our local newspaper in Bloomington called "The Herald Times". This occurred when we were having many encounters. We obviously weren't the only ones that saw strange occurrences. (Brian Vike Note: I could not find the news article here, here somewhere, just can't find it).

There is a man who claims he witnessed a plane crash in the woods. This man first saw landing lights of an airplane. Shortly thereafter he saw a fireball and heard an explosion. Two other people also heard the explosion. This site is only 3-4 miles from our house with nothing in between but a lake and woodland.

Department of Natural Resources Officer Steve McClain concluded that someone could have exploded a home-made bomb or gasoline, but yet "nothing out of the ordinary was found". There wasn't any scorched earth or trees nor was there a strong odor of gas.

Seems to me that would have been very noticeable. Even if what Officer McClain concluded was true (which I strongly doubt), it doesn't explain the landing lights the man saw in the air and the fireball with a huge explosion. Corp. Rick Wright said, "The man saw something, we just don't know what he saw."

“An update on events taking place around the area where the Tosi family lives right now.”

“The below email was from a close friend of John's: (October 2004).”

I don't know if John told you about the last couple days, two nights ago John noticed lights up in the sky, the dogs were going nuts over here. John and I live about 1 1/2 miles apart now, so when he or I see something outside, we can both usually see it from our places unless their low to the ground, but yesterday there was 3 F-16's flying over town, 1 up front and 2 behind, way below the required 10,000 feet level.

They were about 1500 feet off the ground, as I headed back home I lost sight of them. When I got there, my neighbor said he heard them, then saw them flying around in circles like they were "looking or chasing" something, then about 10 minutes later Alice heard a helicopter.

I looked outside and saw it was a Black Hawk with a gun port on the side. I called (name removed) out to see it as well. That is when I went to John's to work on sending you the photos, and on the drive to Johns, 5 military vehicles came rushing down the road in the opposite direction, 1 Humvee with a red light on the dash, 3 troop carriers with the tarps pulled over them, and another Humvee following.

Johns wife saw a helicopter hover over their house as well. Interesting things going on around here as of late. “Other pictures and video footage of interest that John, Mark and other folks have taken around Bloomington, Indiana, or close to John's location.”

“Did John catch the image of figures in a craft as he snapped off a couple of quick photos ?” More photos and footage will be added as I go along with this story, so please do check back from time to time.

Brian Vike’s Note: I would like to extend my many thanks to the Tosti family. It takes alot of courage to come forward and tell about the ongoing events which has taken place around their home in Bloomington, Indiana over the years.

I would also like to add that the strange lights/objects can still be seen from time to time around the Tosti home. It hasn't ended !

Please note all footage is © 2004 to the Tosti family.

The John Tosti Story – The transcripts and audio of the Regression With Dr. Woodman Medical Amnesia Hypnotherapist. (Text report and audio of the regression With Dr. Woodman and John)

The Iowa regression with Dr. Woodman medical amnesia hypnotherapist.

John initially did not think that he could be regressed. He was prepared to tell Dr Woodman that he was sorry that he had come all this way and it did not work because he was a poor subject. However this was not the case and he turned out to be an excellent subject. It was not as he expected for it was rather easy that he thought. John was talking one minute to the Doctor and in another moment found himself on the beach feeling the sun, the breeze and the smell of the ocean. It was like he was there and then suddenly he was crouching down behind the tree staring at a bright light.

Regression sessions with Dr. Woodman, hypnotherapist , medical amnesia specialist.

John initially did not think that he could be regressed. He was prepared to tell Dr Woodman that he was sorry that he had come all this way and it did not work because he was a poor subject. However this was not the case and he was in for a surprise. It was not as he expected as all. John was talking and found himself on the beach, not talking to Dr. Woodman but feeling the sun, the breeze and the smell of the ocean. It was like he was there and then suddenly he was behind the tree.

Dr. Woodman: "You tell me that you are aware of something coming towards you and your friend was the first to go down to the ground and hide himself behind this tree and then you followed suite?"

John Tosti: Yes

Dr. W. "Tell me then what you saw when this happened."

JT: "I see a… I see a big red glowing ball. It’s down in the gully. It is not the moon - I thought it was the moon but it is not the moon. Jim is asking me; he wants me to get down on my knees. Jim is on one knee. The red light goes out. I see… that they have lights on their heads like coal miners. I am worried about Jim getting shot. I’m thinking that they are hunters and they are walking straight towards us. I am on my knees now and I am behind the tree. Jim and me are both behind the tree. I look around the tree and I can see them, they are walking straight towards us. "

Dr. W. " What was your feeling at that time, were you scared?"

JT "Yeah, I was thinking that it was hunters and I did not want to get shot. I have got to be still and not make any noise "

Dr. W. " How far away are you as you watched them?"

JT " Probably about 100 feet – maybe 50 feet away, they were walking right towards us and making a lot of noise. I could hear them walking towards us. The rustling sound of their footsteps was getting louder. I am telling Jim not to move because I don’t want Jim to get shot. I am thinking that if they are hunters and we just lay still they won’t hear us so they won’t try to shoot us." "For some reason, I am looking around the tree again and I can see them, they are right here, they are right on the other side of the tree where we are at. I got my gun and I took it off safety and I am trying to put myself in between me and Jim because I don’t want nothing to happen to Jim. (The memories recounted are traumatic to John and the fear in his voice is apparent. His voice now sounds audibly distressed on the regression tape)

Dr. W. "You’re safe, very, very safe…very safe, you are in Clinton Iowa, this happened a long time ago. Take a deep breath in ….and out . tell me what happens next."

JT: " We are standing there and all I can see are the lights. They are on their heads and shining on my face. I am raising my gun up. I am telling them to get the hell out of here. I don’t want them to be here. This is my land and I don’t .. I will tell them to leave for trespassing. They are still standing there. And Uh ..OH it’s strange… they look like… I can see one of them and it looks like a fireman."

Dr. W. "Why do you say that, can you describe what you see please? "

JT: "Yeah, he has got, uh, a hat on. It looks like a fireman’s hat.

Dr. W, " With a light on? "

JT: "With a light on. He has got a …. it looks like a long jacket on.. It looks like a fireman."

Dr. W. " Is he a big guy like you? "

JT: "Yeah, he is big, I think he is bigger than I am. I am trying to figure out what is going on. And the other one behind him is trying to get over to Jim. He looks like a fireman too."

Dr. W.: " So you tell them to leave, from your property and he does not leave, so then what is the next thing that happens? "

JT: "He is just standing there. He has a funny looking smile on his face. "

Dr. W. " OK, what is the next thing that happens, very, very, safe…take a deep breathe and let it out and when I touch your hand you are going to be twice as deep and twice as safe. What happens next?"

JT: "I can hear Jim and Jim is behind me and he is telling them too to go away. Jim is raising up his gun and Jim says that he is going to shoot. And they are not listening to us. They are just standing there. They are not moving.

Dr. W.:" So what happens next? Move forward in time. Safe, very, very safe, it happened a long time ago and you really want to know what happened. Allow your thoughts to come out. "

JT: "I am just seeing black. I can’t see."

Dr. W. " Move forward in time, what is the next thing that you can see? "

JT: "I see a…. it looks like I can see Jim and Jim is screaming. He was screaming at the….at the… telling him to let him go. Don’t touch me. Jim was getting really mad. I think Jim thinks that he is going to try to shoot us. I don’t know. Jim is mad and that guy was trying to grab him or something. I am trying to pay attention to the guy who is right in front of me and I can hear Jim and he is telling him to let him go and…

I am getting cold. I am feeling cold.

Dr. W. " That’s fine just relax. You are in Clinton Iowa and very, very safe. What is the next thing you know, are you cold?"

JT: "I am cold"

Dr. W. " That’s fine just relax. You are in Clinton Iowa and very, very safe. What is the next thing you know, are you cold?"

JT: "I am cold"

Dr. W. "Where are you?"

JT: " I am still beside the tree and by this fireman. He is trying to grab a hold of my gun and I am telling him. Don’t touch my gun. He grabs my gun and he is trying to take my gun away from me.

Dr. W. " Does he succeed in trying to do that? "

JT:" No, I am trying to fight with him. I don’t want to shoot. He is trying to take my gun but I am freezing. I don’t know… it was like… he got my gun.

Uh, he is trying to grab me. And I am trying to fight him. I can’t fight he is too strong, I can’t get away from him. He is trying to take me. He is trying to drag me. He has got me by my jacket. "

Dr. W. " What does he do now that he has you by the jacket?"

JT: " He has got me"

Dr. W. " Is he dragging you along the ground? OK which direction?"

JT: "Down into the gully. I am scared. I can’t find Jim

Dr. W. "OK lets let Jim fend for himself for now, very safe, "

JT: " He is throwing me down into the gully and I can’t get away from him. I am trying to kick him but he does not feel it. He is taking me down into the ball. I can see the ball. It is a shiny ball. There is a hole on the side it and he is trying to shove me into it and I don’t want to go. It is cold. "

Dr. W.: " You were very scared weren’t you at the time, but you are quite safe now. Something that happened a long time ago, relax, sleep, sleep, sleep and what is the next thing that happens to you, are you in the hole or did you stay outside of it or?"

JT: "He shoved me into the hole. I’m in this thing and I can see somebody and it is not a fireman. "

Dr. W:" What do you see? "

JT: " It’s a boy"

Dr. W. " A boy?"

JT: " A small boy. He looks like he is about, a little boy, about four years old, maybe five? And he is asking me something. He is asking me what I am doing.

Dr. W. "How is the boy dressed?"

JT: "He has got a shirt, a red shirt on and a pair tight slacks. And I am asking him, Where am I? He says that I am in his room and I am asking him: What is this place?"

Dr. W. "Does he seem friendly?"

JT: " Certainly, but I am scared, I don’t know where I am at. "

Dr. W. "You survived it, it happened a long time ago. And you always will survive. OK, deeply, deeply relax. Take a deep breath. Very good, you are twice as relaxed as you were before. Now what is the next thing that happened to you, does he show you around or continue talking or what happens next?"

JT: "He is;… uh, standing there and just looking at me and I am trying to find out where I am at and I am asking him and he does not really say… He says that I am in his room. I ask him if he has seen another person in here. I am looking for my friend and he says that my friend is still outside. So then I ask him how do I get back outside and he said that I can’t go outside and that I have to stay in there. "

Dr. W. "Sooner or later you do get back outside again for you are sitting here right now inside my office"

JT: "He is telling me to lay down"

Dr. W. " On what? "

JT: " On the floor"

Dr. W. "On the floor? Do you do that?"

JT: " I don’t lay down, I sit down against the wall. And he tells me to wait here while I was sitting up against the wall."

Dr. W. "What does the seat feel like, can you describe it?

JT: " A rock."

Dr. W. " A rock, it is hard then. Is it rough or smooth?"

JT: " Rough. He (the young boy) is walking to the door. He opens the door, leaves, and then shuts the door. And I am by myself and I don’t know what is going on.

Dr. W. Y" You are safe, relax, you are a very strong guy and you will survive, you did survive and you know that. Very good, very, very relaxed."

JT: "I see the doorknob move and somebody is coming in. The little boy is standing there and he is telling me to come in."

Dr. W.: "Do you follow him?"

JT: "Yeah, and he takes me to a room and it has a bench on the wall and there is another person in there."

Dr. W. "Do you recognize who it is?"

JT: "No "

Dr. W.: " Is it a small guy or a big guy or?"

JT: "It’s a big guy and he looks like a hunter. He is looking at me and he has got a strange look on his face and I don’t think he knows where he is at either."

Dr. W. "Do you sit down or what?"

JT: "No, I am standing and the little boy is holding my hand and he walks me over to the bench where this guy is and he tells me to sit down. He is telling me something (the hunter). He is telling me that he does not know what is going on. He is trying to get out and he can’t figure out how to get out. He said that he has looked around to find a way to get out and he can’t get out! I am worried about Jim."

Dr. W. "Relax, Jim was alive too"

JT: "He tells me uh, that uh, he was hunting and somebody shoved him in a hole in the ground. I am asking him who? And he said that he did not know. (At this point in the regression restraints were applied to John for protection as he was becoming agitated)

Dr. W. " Just relax. If you want to relax then just go to your nice warm Florida beach –you can do that. Just relax, you are safe. OK. And if you want to go to bed you can go to bed. All right, do you understand? Do you want to talk about it? Now what happens next, do you sit down? Does the little boy continue to hold you hand or what? "

JT: "No he is walking towards the door and now he is going into the other room"

Dr. W. " Is he still wearing his red shirt?"

JT: "Red shirt. He shuts the door and this guy is telling me something about how he is afraid that he can’t get out of here and he wants to go home and he is asking me where this place is."

Dr. W. "Like the blind leading the blind isn’t it?"

JT: "I don’t know where I am at. "

Dr. W." So jump forward in time John what is the next thing that happens?"

JT: "He is getting up and he is trying to find a way to get out. He is going to go to the door where the little boy is at in the other room. The little boy is standing right there and he swings the door open. The little boy won’t let him go into the other room. He is trying to tell the little boy something. He is trying to ask the little boy how to get out of here. The little boy is pushing him. The little boy is trying to shut the door. He (the hunter) is mad and he is kicking on the shut door.

Dr. W. "So that little boy manages to shut the door?

JT: "The door is shut"

Dr. W.: " That is one way to get your madness out isn’t it- to beat something?"

JT: "Yeah he is screaming at him."

Dr. W. " What are you doing in the meanwhile? Still sitting on the bench against the wall? "

JT: "Yeah. The little boy is coming back. He has got something with him. He has a mask and he is trying to put it on my face. I am trying to ask him what he is doing and he is not telling me. He is putting the mask on my face. It is a mask and it is put over my nose and mouth. He is smiling. He is grabbing a hold of my left hand and he is taking me into the other room. "

Dr. W. "Are you wearing a watch John? "

JT: " No. (The other hunter) is trying to ask the little boy where are we going. The little boy just keeps pulling me. He is pulling me through the doorway."

Dr. W.: "Does the other guy come with you? "

JT: "He is trying to. The little boy pulls me through the door and he is trying to shut the door. The little boy wants me to sit down. The little boy is sitting down. He is trying to … the mask is not on right or something so he is trying to put the mask on right. It’s not working right or something. He is messing with the mask. He is telling me that I can go away from here in a little while.

Dr. W. "So did you sit down on what, a bench or a table? "

JT: "The floor. I am asking him where am I? Why am I here? He tells me don’t worry and I am asking him where Jim is. He says that he is still outside. The boy is doing something to my arm. He is looking at it"

Dr. W. "Which arm?"

JT: "My left arm. He is trying to scoot over. He is getting next to me to look at my arm. Looking at my arm and hand. He is getting up and he is going to the door and going into the other room."

Dr. W: "So you are in this room sitting on the floor and what is the next thing that happens. Is there anybody else around?"

JT: "No. I hear a noise, a sound like a….. a sound like a real high pitched whistling sound."

Dr. W. "What else do you see in this room. Take a moment to look around"

JT: "It has got a railing; A rail. At one end of it looks like a rail"

Dr. W.: " A handrail?"

JT: "Yes a handrail"

Dr. W.: "What height off of the floor?"

JT: " Maybe about three feet."

Dr. W.: "Does it go all the way around the room?"

JT: " No, it just goes around part of the room. "

Dr. W.: " Is it a circular room?"

JT: "Half of it. Half of it is circular and half of it looks like a normal room and it’s not very big. I smell something funny, I don’t know if it is the mask or what. I want to take the mask off. I am getting ready to take the mask off. The little boy opens the door and tells me…

Dr. W.: " Not to take the mask off? Relax. What is the next thing that happens?"

JT: " He shuts the door."

Dr. W.: "What is the color of the walls, John?"

JT: " The top half is read. The bottom half is silver."

Dr. W.: " So does the railing form a kind of boundary between the red and silver?

JT: "Yes. I want to get out of here. I do not want to be here anymore. Oh. I want to get out. I am getting out. I am looking around. The little boy comes back into the room. He sits down besides me now on the floor and he is holding my left hand. He asks me if I want to play a game. I am trying to ask him what kind of a game. I can’t get off my mask. He is taking my mask off. I am asking him what kind of a game and he is saying Hide and Seek. I am asking him where I can hide. There is nowhere to hide. He is getting up. He is taking me over to this large gray ‘spot’ on the wall. He is telling me that I can hide in there. I am telling him that I cannot hide in there because it is a spot. He is pushing my hand into it. He is trying to tell me that I can go into the spot. He said to go into the spot so I am trying to climb into the spot.

And I am in the spot and there is somebody in there with me.

Dr. W.: "Is somebody in there with you?"

JT: "I don’t know, I can’t see. I can hear him. Somebody is grabbing my hand and somebody is pulling me. Oh…. My head is sticking into the next room. I see a gray….it is a little gray guy. He is sticking something up my nose on my left side."

Dr. W.: "Does it tickle?"

JT: " No it hurts. He stuck it quickly in and out and it still hurts and he is pushing me back into the ‘spot’. I get the feeling that he does not want me to see him."

Dr. W: "Would you describe him for us?"

JT: " He has got a skinny body, and it looks like his eyes are really spaced far apart. And, uh, he has got big eyes. And his mouth it looks like a skeleton’s mouth. It looks wrinkled. And he was moving really weird."

Dr. W.: "What do you mean by that?"

JT: "Quick, Fast. He is shoving me back into the spot and I feel something tugging at my other leg. I am being pulled back into the other room by this little boy. He is asking me if I am going to hide from him."

Dr. W: "Who was puling on your leg and which leg?"

JT: "The little boy on my left leg. I am in the other room with him now and he is asking me when am I going to hide from him. And I am telling him that I don’t know where to hide. I am asking him who was that in the other room. And he said it was nobody.

Dr. W. "So you don’t trust him anymore. Was he lying?"

JT; "Yeah, He is pointing at the wall and he wants me to hide in the wall. And we are walking over to the wall and he pushes me into the wall and I see a bird on the outside. I am outside I see a fireman and I see Jim. I am outside on the ground. The little boy pushed me through the wall. Jim is asleep. He is asleep on the ground."

Dr. W.: "Is he still holding his shotgun?"

JT: "No, he is on the ground to the right. They dragged us up the gully. The one fireman dragged Jim across the creek. And then the other went….well he is dragging me like over to the tree and he is pushing me. He is pushing me and he is shoving me real hard and I fell down. I feel like I have got to go to sleep."

Dr. W.: "What is the next thing that happens?"

JT: "I get up. It is daylight and I am looking for Jim and I can’t see him. I am getting up and walking and I see Jim. He is in the briar patch. I am looking for my gun. I talk to Jim and ask him if he is okay. Jim has his arms upheld and is waving them back and forth. He is trying to get out of the briar patch. I am looking for my gun and I see a bunch of leaves piled up. I go over there and kick the leaves and found my gun and Jim’s gun was there too.

Dr. W. "Do you feel safe now?"

JT: "Like I want to go home. Jim is across the creek now and he has got a bunch of scratches on his face. He has got a like stunned look on his face. I gave Jim his gun and he was telling me that he wants to go home now. So I told him let’s go back to the barn. We waked back and it was about a quarter of a mile.

Dr. W. "When you get to the barn do you tell him what your experience was like?"

JT: " Uh, he is talking to me about the three lights over by the tree. He is telling me not to say anything about them to anybody about it because he does not want people to know. He does not want people to think he was crazy. We changed our clothes there and I remember that my nose hurt and it was bleeding a little bit."

Dr. W. "Does he notice that? And what does he say about it?"

JT: "Yes, he tells me to get a napkin because my nose is bleeding."

Dr. W. "Do you tell him how it got to be bleeding?"

JT: "No"

Dr. W. " So you don’t tell him anything about your experience aboard this sphere?"

JT: "Never have, I did not know. I did not remember."

You can listen into 60 minutes of the regression With Dr. Woodman. Please follow the link I have provided.

Audio of John’s regression.

Thank you to Mr. John Tosti for the transcripts.

UFO Encounter Eyewitness John Tosti On Television/WRTV Channel 6 News, Bloomington, Indiana.

Hello Brian, here's the footage from me, John Tosti when he was on WRTV Channel 6 News, Bloomington, Indiana, the first time back in '96-'97. When the cameraman was taping, the batteries on his cam kept going dead. He went through 3 batteries, and on the 4th he finally, barely, got the shots.

The cameraman said it was the weirdest thing he ever seen. The batteries are the expensive pro batteries for the news cameras. They're supposed to last 6 hours and he was getting about 2 minutes out of each battery, and they were all fully-charged.

As he left, the cameraman said he really believed John and said, "This isn't over yet."

And as you know, it wasn't. It's been going on ever since.

The video clip: John Tosti Interviewed By WRTV Channel 6 News (UFO) can be viewed on another page on my blog, follow this link and scroll to the bottom of the page, the news video is there for viewing.

Also I have added a audio interview I did with John and his friend Mark over UFO sightings they both were witnessing in Bloomington, Indiana. There were also a lot of Military aircraft flying over the homes there as well.

To listen into the audio I did with John and John's friend Mark, please follow this link.

Video/Pictures/Audio are all © 2005 John Tosti.

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