Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Two Red Blinking Lights/UFOs Seen In The Sky Over Tsawwassen British Columbia (Photo And Map)

Date:  April 9, 2012
Time:  8:40 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 3
Number of Objects: 2
Shape of Objects: Round.
Full Description of Event/Sighting: Heading 275 degrees west, spotted over coordinates 49'0'26 N 123'7'48 W approximately at 8:40 p.m.
Saw two red parallel blinking lights seemingly parallel to each other, acted almost as 1 object, a rough guess 1 km apart, not moving in a straight line.
The tail light appeared to sway from left to right, while front light moved parallel like a cigar almost, but I could not tell if it was two or 1 object.
It moved slightly slower than normal planes taking about 15 minutes to disappear into horizon from a starting point of approximately 2 km from me.
Let me mention, I work here, and see a lot of planes, lights, helicopters, and know the regular flight paths, not to mention subscribed to UFOs.
I have seen a lot of weird lights, but none that would have me truly scratching my head. This was not on a regular flight path, and moved so oddly that it had two of my non UFO enthusiast coworkers saying what the hell.

I took a photo from where I was looking at it from, and I added two red dots to kind of give you an idea of what it looked like from where I was.
The map picture with red and yellow dot, its my representation of a birds eye view of how I thought it was moving, the yellow dot represents the "tailing light" (both lights were red) each circle represents kind of a snap shot of how it was moving.
The tailing light was swinging side to side and the front one would sometimes swing to the left of it, it always kept equal distance apart, and would look like it was getting closer together with the tail light was passing behind it, only to come to the other side and show they were still equal distance apart, if you can imagine how the would look from the ground looking up, not from a birds eye view.

Vike Factor Note: Here is the link to the witnesses photo and map he provided: http://imgur.com/a/VEHjI
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