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Lights Separate And Come Together Over Mouillie Point Cape Town South Africa

Date:  June 13, 2008
Time:  Approx: 7:00 p.m. 
Hi, this is the same person that reported the sighting over Milnerton/Somerset West a couple of weeks ago.

I saw the lights again last night (13 June 2008)at approximately 7:00 p.m. from my mothers home in Mouillie Point, Cape Town, South Africa which looks directly onto/over the ocean. The lights were above the ocean, I'd say about a mile away from where I was positioned. There was slight fog, which obscured my view slightly.

This time there was a lot of movement going on with the lights! Both my mother and myself grabbed the binoculars to get a better look. The lights (three of them: blue, red and white) were doing strange movements in the air.
It's hard to explain. My best description would be to compare it to that of those small flies that can hover in a single place and jolt to an angle when interfered with. It was like they were communicating with each other and every few minutes (this whole sighting went on for approximately 20 minutes) one of the lights would disappear completely and re-appear in a different section of the sky (but still within close proximity of each other!)
They kept separating from each other only to band together again to form a small triangle. The lights were pulsing/flashing very slowly in sequence, again in complete silence!

The most incredible part was that once they had finished doing whatever they were doing between themselves, they banded into a final pyramid position (the white light being the top and the blue and red positioned in the corners)and proceeded to slowly fly right over our building!
I moved through to my brothers room (which is on the opposite side of the building) to continue watching their flight path as they silently flew over the city!

It left us speechless and quite excited! I did try to take photo's through one of the binoculars lens' but my digital cam wasn't able to pick up anything. I'm taking my telescope through to her place tomorrow, in the hope that the next time I'm there for dinner I'll get a better look if it happens again!

This is the third such sighting of these lights, (I've seen them twice and my brother has seen them on a separate occasion).
If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

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