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Experimental Craft Or Something Else Over Manheim County Pennsylvania

Date: November 23, 2003
Time: After 1:30 a.m.

The Vike Factor Note: As you read the witness asked for anonymity. When anyone files a sighting report to me, none of their personal information is posted or given out to anyone.

Sir, First of all, I want total anonymity. This is a sighting of maybe not a UFO, but what appears to me to be some secretive new form of flying craft. I live in Lancaster County Pennsylvania and at the time was working for a trash disposal company. It was November 23, a Friday I believe. The day after thanksgiving, the holiday off, we have to work the following Saturday to make up for the day off, so I went in on Friday three hours early to get a head start and make my Saturday shorter.

I went in at 1:30am and proceeded to Manhiem, Pennsylvania to start my route. I was on (removed to keep identity safe) right outside the town limits to the east dumping one of the several boxes in the area. I was facing west and off to the north I saw a strange brilliant white light descending and it finally disappeared behind the rolling hills to the north. I finished dumping the box, and proceeded into the heart of the town, turned north on Route 72 and headed to my next stop, not thinking about what I saw.

I turned right (east) on White Oak Rd., which is full of hills and sharp turns. I was at the top of one of these hills, when the light appeared again, this time very close.

I stopped my truck and turned off all the lights and flashers, stopping in front of one of the homes on the downside of the hill. I turned off the engine so nobody in the house would wake up. I got out of the truck, and walked past the house, up the small bank on the road and stood by a small tree. There in the distance I saw what appeared to be a craft with one bright light towards the nose and two roving softer lights moving about as if they were searching the ground for something. These lights were as best I can describe, like the follow spot lights on a stage that they use to illuminate the actors.

They not only moved all around as if on a pivot point, but they moved in and out the entire length of the wings (short and stubby) on the craft.

It came closer and closer, I noticed that they (there were two pilots in this thing) were concentrating both lights on something over my horizon. This craft was so close to me by then, that I could see the rivets and over lapping metal that formed the craft.

Down the center of the fuselage were some type of lights, about three inches wide and ten to twelve inches long, flashing from rear to front-pale yellow rear to pale orange front-and most amazingly, not a sound from this thing.

I stepped out from the tree, and watched for about thirty seconds or more, trying to observe what they were doing, when all of a sudden, the pilot in back tapped the front pilot and they both looked at me. In the flash of an eye, this thing glowed a brilliant blue/white light and sped away. No noise, no wind rush, nothing. The two pilots were definitely human, wearing what looked like the old type of jet fighter suit from the early sixties, with a white helmet and dark sunglass type of visor that they wore then.

After they left, I walked over the horizon and saw a small craft, is that what they were looking at or after? I don't know.

The craft was about the size of my tri-axle truck 25-27 feet long and it looked like a miniature sized space shuttle, the best I can describe. There were no markings of any kind that I could discern, only the lights that flowed from front to back (pale yellow to pale orange).

The interior of the cockpit was dimly lit up and I could see the two pilots clearly. I know it was man made, but what did it come from and were they going to start some cattle mutilations here. (this is a very rural area, with tons of Amish farms and Mennonite farms and lots of open space here).

I am not a drinking man nor am I prone to make things up. Please leave my name out of this I beg of you. One of the other drivers saw something, and when he told the guys at work he wound up quitting over the hassle he got.

If you need any more info, e-mail me.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential. website:

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