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Huge Black Triangle UFO Near Norfolk New York (Letter And Drawing)

Date: January 2007
Time: Approximately 11;00 p.m.

My name is (name removed) and I live in Canton, NY, USA. I've written to MUFON about my experience at the end of January 2007, but would like to pass it on to you in case others have written you about this.

I was driving home from a friend's house in Norfolk, NY, about 11 o'clock. I had just passed through a tiny rural community and was surrounded by open fields when a dark object came into my windshield view to my right. It was above the trees. I thought a plane or helicopter was about to crash into me and I did a knee jerk response to it by making a hard left with the steering wheel! If there had been a car in the other lane, I would have hit it as both my front and back left tires went over the line as I was so startled!

I immediately looked out my left window to see if whatever it was had crashed, but it was something huge and black flying over the tree tops very slowly and without any sound! There was an enormous round window or engine light on the left and right hand side of the object, which I got the impression was triangle in shape. There was no glow from the lights, just extremely bright. They were the largest light sources I have ever seen.

There were two cars about 2 and 3 blocks back or I would have tried to pull over, but this was a rural road and there wasn't room to comfortably pull over. I even went back to check and it would have been dangerous for me to try to pull over there.

I often wonder if the folks behind me saw what I saw. I am still really impressed with how big this thing was. Just huge beyond belief. I've spent the last three years trying to find others who have seen a triangle craft like it. There was a mother and daughter in the south who took a picture of a triangle-shaped craft that was down their road in the daytime and it looked like the one I saw. Thanks.

Additional Information along with drawing:

I can fax you over a drawing if you'd like, or mail one. However you'd like to get it.

MUFON and a couple of other sites I reported the sighting to, never got back in touch with me, so I'm glad you did. To this day I can't imagine that so many people were having sightings and writing in that someone didn't have time to acknowledge it, you know? Having never had an experience like that I wasn't expecting a new reporter to show up, but a "Thanks for your report," would have been a good thing.

My It was hard to get my head around it for hours. You just can't imagine what could be that stinkin' big and going that slowly and not be falling down! I really thought something was falling from the sky and onto me. I looked at military craft for the next couple of years, nothing even close to what I saw.

I'll type up the moments from that night and include them with my drawing. In fact, I had to laugh last night because as soon as I read your e-mail I walked over to the window (I'm on the second story overlooking a park) to estimate how far above the trees the craft was. I said right out loud, "Well, here we go again."

But I'll answer your immediate questions:

Question about the craft you saw? Roughly, how close would you estimate the UFO was from your car? This when you made a hard left with the steering wheel.

The craft went right over my car. It was not far above the tree tops to my right. I figure most trees around here are about four stories high, so it was about 50 feet above me and still not very high above the trees as it traveled.

Do you happen to remember what the weather conditions were the night of the sighting ?

Cold, clear, not windy. No snow on the ground. It was a cloudless night and it wasn't pitch black, just the dark of a winter night with stars in the sky. But intuitively, I responded to this blackness that showed up all of a sudden in an area that had just been field and some trees and now was movement coming toward my car.

Roughly, how long would you estimate you were able to see the craft for ?

Two second look above me to my right when I spotted something big and black before I jerked the wheel to the left, then when I spotted it, I kept glancing at it in 3-4 second increments. Probably a total of 15 seconds of actually seeing it. I was going straight and it was traveling at an angle, so it was traveling in the direction of my left rear wheel as I drove. I was glancing back to my left and driving, and I don't have an idea of how tall it was because the roof of my car blocked it. I also lost some time trying to figure out how to pull over without a side to pull on to, and how to keep from getting hit by the cars behind me in case they were being distracted by this thing.

I think it's speed was about 40 mph car/truck speed. I had slowed down to about that as I went through a little community of houses and was up to about 45 when I spotted this thing above me and to my right. I saw it, ducked my head and scrunched up my shoulders, and swerved left. My heart was just pounding! Then I was incredulous when I looked out the window expecting to see something crashing down to the ground and saw the enormous back end of this thing! It wasn't going fast and there was no sound. How is it possible to have ANYTHING that is in the air not make any noise? I didn't have the radio on, had the heater on low, and there was no sound at all. When I review those first moments, I'm as blank as I was then as to what I thought I was seeing. I kept glancing at it and felt so confused and still scared. When I could no longer see it, as I was now in a turn of the road and there were trees on my left blocking the view, the thing that stood out the most were the round, opaque, lighted windows--or whatever they were. They had to be higher than one story.

(You can see exactly where this took place. Type in Mom's School House, Potsdam, NY (809 Co. Rte 34, Potsdam, NY) ( It has a Google map. I was traveling south on Co. Rd. 35, had just crossed over Co. Rd. 84, and hadn't gone a block (I was about at the "5" in Co. Rd. 35) when this "thing" crossed over me. See where the road curves? That's where I couldn't see it any more. There are trees there. But it was headed toward the "Rd." in W. Potsdam Rd. when I was looking at its back end and I was headed straight. I was goin' thisaway and it was goin' thataway!)

I tried to imagine plate glass windows on a house, but these were so much bigger. They were very wide apart and then there was more blackness before the end of this craft. They were flush with the blackness of the craft (craft--for lack of a better word). There were no other lights that I could see. I later tried to relate what I saw to the real world and the thing that struck me was that street lights and car lights have a kind of glow around them. These lights did not. Bright, white, opaque--no glow. I still can't figure out how you can have that much brightness and no glow. And the light didn't light the ground or the trees as it passed over either. I couldn't see how tall it was, but I believe it was very tall. Wow--the idea of something that huge being so close and not falling on me still scares me.

Was there any unusual maneuvers made by this object ?

No. It just kept gliding silently along in the direction it was going.

The person I spoke with about my experience as soon as I arrived home was the person whose house I'd left in Norfolk, NY. His name was (name removed) and he's since passed away (in May of '07 from a heart attack). He and I had been together about 15 years before he died.

I faxed over a map I drew and the experience of that evening. You'll have to add on the weather, because I forgot to type that in with trying to mix work and my report.

I do like the map I drew, though. The car size and craft size are pretty good, although the craft needs to be bigger and have more space between the "windows."

I don't ever want to see one of these again, Brian. E V E R. It's one thing to see YouTube videos of crafts or read other people's stories, but to actually have an experience with a large craft is frightening. You worry for your kids, your grandkids, that their future may be taken away from them by something the government doesn't even openly acknowledge exists. God help us all.

I'd be happy to talk with you and Jeff if the day/evening presents itself. Maybe someone who saw the craft the same night I did will come forward. I'd love to know what they thought about what they saw and if their life was any different because of it. The experience made me accept that something outside of all of our realities really is taking place. I did a LOT of research to try to find something in the military that could have been what I saw. Ain't no such animal.

Anything else you need from me, let me know. And thanks SOOO much for getting in touch with me about my experience.

Brian Vike's Note: I would like to extend of many thanks to this eyewitness for taking the time to write to me, also for faxing the letter and drawing to me. Also, the witness and I are asking that if anyone who may have seen this UFO event, would you please write to Brian Vike at or you can file a full detailed report through the website at:

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