Friday, August 1, 2014

Manta Ray Shaped UFO Observed In The Sky Over North Miami Beach Florida

Date:  October 2005
Time:  Evening.

Hi Brian, just came across your report and would like to tell you it's the closest description to what I saw. It was two days right after hurricane Wilma in October 2005 in North Miami Beach, Florida, we had a black out for about three weeks.

I'm sitting outside with a friend looking at the stars and we saw a manta ray shaped object, looked like it was trying to camouflage in the sky. All of the sudden starts moving and what it looked like a star had started to move and realized it was a light in the center front of this object, kind of a pale orange color flickering.

It was moving west to east and disappeared behind the buildings next door. The "wings" rippled like a real manta ray would. Half an hour later we saw big white throbbing lights right in front of us, we got scared and ran inside.

It was definitely not from this planet! I keep doing research since, I would never forget what we saw! Just wanted to share, thanks.

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