Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dim Lights Grew In Brightness Over Shapwick England UK

Date:  August 2007
Time:  Evening.

I had a similar experience in August 2007. I was standing outside a pub (The Anchor, Shapwick, UK) looking up at the clear night sky. It is a very rural area, so not much light pollution. A light in the sky faded up from nothing to very bright, then faded out again.

I watched for a while, but nothing more. I then turned clockwise by 90 degrees, looked up and the same thing happened.

I felt an intelligence in the light, like it was saying, 'Jeff, that really was a UFO you saw last Sunday'. I went back inside the Pub and said nothing about it, but inside I knew I had been given reassurance.

In early June, a crop circle was formed between Shapwick and Badbury Rings.

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