Saturday, May 5, 2012

Filmed For The Discovery Channel (Photo Of The Film Crew And Brian Vike Being Interviewed - Pictures)

Howdy, just got back a bit ago from Vancouver (Sunday April 29, 2012) over the Discovery Channel on camera interview.
All went good and I took a picture of the director and camera man, along with the sound fellow. Another fellow I don’t know where he was, should have had him also in the picture.
 Photo Left: For larger view, click on the picture.
The film crew told me they were renting a truck/Van and heading to Kelowna to film for two days.
Also there doing an on camera interview is a really nice man, Martin Jasek from UFO*BC. It was really nice to see him again.
Anyway, great bunch of guys.
 Here are a couple of photos that were taken at the filming, I took one of the film crew and cameras and Martin took one of me sitting in the chair ready to be interviewed.
The filming was done at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre where I stayed overnight.
Take care
Brian Vike
The Vike Factor.


  1. May 8th ! Taking a lunch break around 8:30 ! Walking to the car! Looked up an saw 3 very red object which looked like x mas tree ornimants. All I could do was scream "I knew it ! Damit I knew! 2 of them slowly moved sideways and hide behind a cloud. The other look to be moving closer ! But then it stopped ,went up until it was in the clouds with the other ! Thank god this time I had wittness!

    1. Me and my son saw a red sphere with a white dot on 95 past clinton on the high way . It was great to see never saw anything like that in my life and i am 35. Will be watching again and maybe a couple of pictures.

  2. That is great Brian. You deserve the trip and the TV coverage. When will they broadcast the interview or have they already done it and I missed it?
    Keep busy and keep well.
    Lynne (from Victoria)