Sunday, April 1, 2012

Huge White Spheres Spotted Over Crouch End North London UK

Date:  1995
Time:  Approx: 5:00 a.m.
I'm a British woman. I am very skeptical about UFOs, about everything. I had an experience that I think about 'occasionally',  like, every few years. Sometimes, when I mull over it again, I think - why don't I think about this every day?
What's wrong with me? This was a very very strange experience. This happened in 1995. I was looking for my lost parrot. I was getting up at that time very early in the morning, at dawn, so as to be ready under certain trees where my parrot was roosting.

I was in a suburb in North London, an area called Crouch End. It was around 5:00 a.m. I was down a small parking area to the side of a block of flats (apartments). I glanced up at the road, 100 yards away, for no particular reason.

I saw, in the sky, moving very, very slowly, and entirely without noise, a huge white sphere, exactly as you describe here. I was mesmerized, by the way it inched in a straight line a short distance before disappearing in amongst some trees.

I noticed it had lights going around it, not
fast, more blinking lights. What struck me at that moment was, oh. This can't be a helicopter. Helicopter blades whizz around, they're very noisy and they go horizontally.
My only problem is I have a blank in my visual memory as to exactly where on this thing the lights were. Sometimes I search my mind to try and 'see' again exactly where the lights were - going around the whole body? Going around just the front? I think just the front.

All I know is they were too slow and in the 'wrong' direction.

So, I stared at this thing for 30 seconds. Then it passed and I thought. Oh. I wonder what that was. Then, as I stood reflecting, to my amazement, another two of them, very, very slowly, still absolutely silent, one after the other, following the exact line of the first, each disappearing into the same trees.

Mysterious. Very. What were they? Someone years later said 'air balloons'. Really? At 5:00 a.m? That size? With lights? Three of them?

I've never discussed this episode with anyone. I thought, oh, I won't be believed. I thought - oh - I don't even believe in UFOs.
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