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UFO Incident At Moricetown British Columbia (Tracks Killed Vegetation)

A little history about Moricetown and it's kind people. Wet'suwet'en First Nation community is located north of the village of Smithers is called Moricetown, B.C. The Wet'suwet'en people (kyah wiget) is one of five native communities living near or on Hwy 16. The valley around Moricetown Canyon was once a traditional fishing ground visited by five clans of the area.

Fishing the Bulkley River was a big part of the Wet'suwet'en First Nation way of living. The clans would first meet in Telkwa in the spring, mainly to visit and celebrate their heritage. Then later the 13 houses would pack up the village and proceed to Moricetown for their summer fishing season.

Using gaff poles (spruce tree pole with a steel hook and bound by rope) the First Nation fisherman would wait patiently perched high above the river standing on exposed river boulders waiting to strike and hook the fish as they swim by underneath. Today, the First Nation still fish the river but use deep nets mostly.

In Moricetown, during the summer, the Wet'suwet'en First Nation people would erect smokehouses, drying racks and fish traps. The men would set out to catch fish while the women would hike up the mountain to collect herbs and medicines. After returning the women would start to preserve the catch. In the fall, after catching fish the focus of the hunt would shift to mountain goats, ptarmigan and caribou.

Once sufficient preparation was completed, the Wet'suwet'en people would hold various feasts celebrating the harvest. The general meeting of all the people was an opportunity for the chiefs to deal with clan business and for trading goods among houses.

The feasts would last for days and would be celebrated by many houses. Many feasts later the clans would start to return to their villages in preparation for winter - each clan's departure date depending on the length of the journey back to their village.

Once home the clan would work on their longhouses, stacking firewood, and finishing repairs so to securely store their food on stilts inside. During the winter the elders and their wives would prepare for next seasons hunt and children would learn about hunting while maintaining the longhouses.

Moricetown is located 30 km west of Smithers and 31 km east of Hazelton, BC on the main highway of the region known as Highway 16. Follow the signs. Cannot miss the community.

On Thursday, September 23, 2010 I received a telephone call from a lady who resides in Moricetown, British Columbia. She told me a story of what she and others discovered on some property off Fisherman road.

I thought when they mentioned tracks, that I would be running out to Moricetown over a Sasquatch experience, but after seeing "some" tracks, I concluded that this was no Sasquatch story, but rather something else very unusual.

I did leave my home here in Houston, B.C. on Friday, September 24, 2010 heading for Moricetown. When I arrived at the location, I was informed that the event had taken place on Tuesday, September 21, 2010.

Before I go on, I would like to state for the record that we had a rainfall warning up for our area, and it poured. It came down in buckets or as some say, it rained cats and dogs and by the time I left for home, I was soaked to the skin. When I got to the location the rain was already taking a large toll on collecting any of the evidence that was there prior to the rain storm. There also was a couple of nights of frost before the rain hit.

I arrived at the caller's home and introduced myself to the owners of the land. They were a wonderful couple to talk with, and were very helpful as they wanted an explanation as to what went on while they slept. I also met their daughter who telephoned me. There were others there as well, a good crowd had formed pretty quickly and were interested in seeing the tracks.

We all started walking from the house, and it was only about 20 feet or so before we saw a track with some damaged grass/weeds. I was able to see where the prints were heading which was in the direction to another smaller home on the property.

 This would have been approximately 100 feet ahead of me. A woman came up on Tuesday, the day the tracks were discovered and she could clearly see where the unknown footprints walked into and through the tall grass. At this point, due to the rain, most of the evidence was lost, but you were still able to see slightly where the tracks led to.

The people also mentioned that the track went from the lawn over their graveled driveway, and in the driveway there was a good track to be seen. Again with the downpour and by the time I had arrived at my destination, the track was lost. But a lady who owned the property had the foresight to quickly cover up one of the tracks with a small piece of plywood.

I flipped over the plywood and was surprised at what I saw. There was a track which was approximately 16 inches in length and the width at the widest point (which was the front) was approximately 6 inches. You will notice in the track photo below, that the vegetation looks very different from the surrounding grasses. Many of the leaves looked like they were rotten. This is how all the vegetation looked like where there had been a track.

I eventually walked over to where I was told the tracks continued into the tall grass. I was not able to see any tracks, but I could distinguish where something had travelled. It was very noticeable. Also there was a huge area covered in tall thistles just feet after the long grass.

All of the thistles were standing upright and then I noticed something rather odd. In the middle of the upright thistles, there was a large area that looked like it had been flattened.

I measured the area where the thistles were lying down and this covered an area of 30 feet by 60 feet. It looked really strange as all of the thistles around this particular area were in fine shape and standing upright. The picture below shows the area which was damaged by something.

I will also add, which I believe is important. I took a lot of pictures of the area, the knocked down thistles from different angles and all I ended up with was one picture that I could post.

All the rest were so badly out of focus and I did not do anything to the digital camera. This would have been the first time this ever happened. So this is a little strange as well. I did take a close up photo of the thistle stalks, showing where they were bent. This photo seemed to turn out just fine as you will see below.

I do not know if there is any connection between the tracks and the thistles that were knocked down, but it seems strange that all this did happen at the same time. I asked the folks if there had been any strong winds in the area, and they said no.

One thing I have noticed, is all of a sudden there have been reports of unusual craft and strange lights. I am hearing of a number of other sightings where people were not comfortable enough talking about what they saw. Just over the last few nights here in Houston, British Columbia two witnesses reported seeing something similar. I have spoken to the two parties and whatever it was they witnessed is unbeknown to me.

A good friend called Lawrence brought a fellow over to my home, so he could fill me in on what he saw.

This is his taped sighting report: At approximately 8:50 p.m. on September 28, 2010 a fellow was outside when something caught his eye. Below a low ceiling of cloud he saw a very bright white ball of light which appeared to be moving around the sky.

As he put it, the thing was bouncing. He yelled out for his wife to come and look. Now both watched in amazement as the object rose up, way up and then as if someone dropped it, it fell towards the ground. It stopped, rose back up and carried on moving about. Eventually, it just moved off and disappeared from their sight.

A few days prior to the above sighting, another fellow watched pretty much the same thing from his home on Buck Flats Road. His description was just about the same.

Then in Smithers, British Columbia, folks witnessed a bright object in the night sky on August 20, 2010 making very strange maneuvers. Maneuvers a normal aircraft could not, and would not be able to do. It shone so brightly and when it wasn't moving around in the sky it sat hovering.

It would disappear and return again and it finally disappeared with a bright lit up cloud following. Both witness and neighbor stood frightened as they watched this event unfold in the sky.

At Smithers once again, a "T" shaped UFO was spinning in the sky. This taking place on August 31, 2010. Orange lights were seen circling the town and then disappearing. The witnesses tried following the UFOs towards Tyhee Lake, observing a large bright white object with an orange light on top. It moved so quickly they had no chance of catching up to it.

In Moricetown, approximately a week before the tracks were found, numerous lights were seen flying low over the area. People driving along Highway 16 heading east watched as lights moved behind the mountains and shot up over top and across the sky.

At Telkwa, British Columbia unusual lights were reported and in the Kispiox Valley and New Hazelton.

In 2002 and 2003 the Bulkley Valley here where all this is taking place and the Lakes District were the UFO capital of Canada. There were sightings coming in each and every day of some really odd craft. But after the 2002/2003 sightings, reports of anything strange in the sky, dropped off dramatically. In other words I was lucky to hear of a sighting until more recently.

Whatever happened at Moricetown on September 21, 2010 we may never solve, but one thing is for sure, something very unusual took place there. Tracks from something were left behind, and the prints killed the vegetation and a good sized area of thistles were blown/knocked down to the ground and it was not the wind according to the folks who own the property.

Knowing what this area is like, as I have lived up here for 29 years, I am going to have to place my money on a UFO related incident.

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